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How To Keep That Post-Chinese New Year Binge-ing Guilt at Bay

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The year of the Dog had just arrived and just like any Chinese New Year, homes were decked with an abundance of mouth-watering goodies. These yummy treats brought a festive cheer at every house visit, and what made it even more enticing is the fact that many of us only got to savour such snacks around this time of the year.

Unfortunately, amidst all the ang bao exchanging and catching up, the prospect of over-eating remains high, especially when it takes many of these calorie-dense, bite-sized goodies to satisfy one’s taste buds. In fact, these finger foods have very little nutritional values as they contain mainly sugar, oil and flour, as such, moderate consumption is key to ensuring a healthy and sustainable diet throughout this festive period.

In this article, we have compiled a list of popular CNY snacks, their corresponding calories (per serving) and how much (upward) stairs climbing it takes just to burn them off.   

 *Based on the calorie expenditure gauge of a 160 pound or 72 kgs individual

*Considering one flight of stairs to have 12 steps

Keeping an active fitness regime,  avoiding sweet beverages and oily foods, together with generous servings of vegetables and cut fruits are simple strategies that will sustain a healthy waist-line and keep that post-CNY bingeing guilt at bay. 

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