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How To Organize Your Beauty Essentials By New Year

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 Use these easy (and cheap!) hacks to store your makeup and beauty essentials even with a small bathroom or closet space.

When you don’t have enough bathroom cabinets…

Store lipsticks, lip pencils, mascaras and lipliners in a pencil case or a hanging shoe organizer. You can also glue cardboard rolls to the wall,   place metal cans against a hanging magnetic board, or stick acrylic organizers behind your cabinet door.  

When you want to organize your lipsticks by color… 

Wrap an old cardboard box with pretty wrapping paper. Add cardboard dividers.

If you’ve got some crafting skills (or know someone who does) you can do the same thing with wood and twine.

Or you can just store lipsticks into small boxes, and then tape a swatch sheet on your wall or the box. 

When your beauty essentials get mixed up in your drawer…

Create a grid with rubber bands stretched across a box. Divide bigger dtawers with wooden boxes,  or criss-cross plastic or cardboard strips. 

When you can never find the lipstick shade you want…

Swatch the shades and stick them on your wall or on the box where you stored your lipsticks. A really cute version: can print out lipstick icons and then color them in with the lipstick. 

If you’re really into lipstick, you can even make notes on the finish. 

When you’ve a serious obsession with eyeshadow palettes…

Don’t hide your collection in a drawer — show it off! Use wire baskets, or repurpose office mail organizers. 

Or, frame a magnetic board and hang it by your wall! Metal cases will stick right on, but for your other beauty essentials, just stick a bit of magnetic tape on the back. This one holds eyeshadows, bronzers, and even powder compacts!

When you can never find the right brush when you need one…

Store makeup brushes in a glass container with a lid (keeps off the dust, too!). Pour rice so they can stand upright.