Best Makeup Concealer

What Is Inside the Best Concealers and What You Should Be Using

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / August 6, 2018

The best concealer can mean a lot of things to different people. Because there are different types of concealer for different needs. The best under eye concealer might not be the best concealer for oily skin or for covering up blemishes. And the best concealer for dry skin might not exactly work for hiding your late nights at work. The key to finding the best concealer is first knowing what you are concealing.

Q: Are you covering up blemishes?

A: If you are, then you will need a different one from the one you apply under your eye. The skin around your under eye is very thin so it is best not to put on too much product there. Liquid and creamy hydrating types work best for that area. For a blemish, it is best to find a stick type of concealer as it is thick enough to hide imperfections compared to liquid types that come in pen formats or wands. Dr. Hauschka’s Coverstick is one of Beauty Insider’s gems as it has won two beauty awards recently, for makeup and skincare.

Q: Can makeup really help with your imperfections?

A: Absolutely. That is if your makeup comes with skincare properties. Dr. Hauschka Coverstick conceals blemishes but it also soothes it and helps with your skin’s renewal process. It contains botanical extracts and moisture-retaining oils to cover your imperfections as it heals it. It also has tea tree oil and manuca oils to diminish the blemish and rose petal extracts, calendula extracts, carrot extracts and anthyllis extracts to soothe the redness. Dr. Hauschka Coverstick uses mineral pigments to evenly blend the blemish.

Q: How do I cover up my blemish with concealer?

A: It can be done. It just needs a bit of patience. Do not go heavy into a blemish with a brush full of the product. Instead, layer a little at a time. A pointy brush works best for blemishes. It is also more hygienic than using your fingers and will help you avoid spreading any bacteria. Make sure to use a concealer that is the same shade as your skin. Blend the concealer under a pimple with the brush. Then do not forget to set it lightly with loose powder so that the concealer stays. Do not use pressed powder as it is too heavy and will just make your blemish look like it is a blemish covered in concealer. The key is for it to look more like is not there. Practice makes perfect and remember, apply the makeup with restraint.

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