If you’re one of those who are obsessed with Instagram trends (srsly, who doesn’t?), you’ll come across the famous #goldenhour selfies. The trend that has long taken over the Instagram world—especially the makeup community. Golden hour makeup refers to those magical hours of the day when the sun is slowly setting, and the light hits our skin, perfect motion to give us that fake glow of an ethereal angel. 

But in reality, you can easily get that ‘’fake’’ sunkissed glow by just applying the right amount of makeup and standing at a random corner in your house where the sun usually hits. No, really, you don’t have to wait until 6:45pm sharp to get the sparkly look on your face. There are a few products that can help you achieve the same radiance that the sun gave. Have you seen Gemma Chan’s September Vogue’s cover? That’s literally what we’re referring to. She looks absolutely glowing in the middle of London city. 

Her makeup, though, was very minimal, still giving her those sparkly, glowy and sun kissed effects. So how does she achieve this? Beauty Insider brings you all the deets that you need to get that Gemma Chan’s beautiful fake golden hour look. Keep reading!

Start With A Tinted Moisturizer

Explaining the Gemma Chan’s luminous golden hour look, professional makeup artist Bobbi Brown began by recommending Nars’ Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer as a base. Brown said layering a veil-like product helps a lot in enhancing the colour to your complexion, not to mention illuminate the radiance. 

With Nars’ tinted moisturizer, you’ll get that natural healthy glow due to the tinted ingredients in their product. While the sun provides you with bright light, these moisturizers help to put in a great coverage. It is lightweight, so perfect for a sunny day. 

Conceal Your Under Eye

The key for a golden goddess is to bring out the tan yet, maintaining the natural glow to your skin. So Bobbi Brown suggested that we skip those heavy liquid foundations and straight away apply concealer underneath your eyes. If you insist on the full coverage, opt for a cream-based or stick foundation. 

Leave those liquidy products behind. L’Oreal Paris True Match Concealer is definitely perfect in recreating Gemma Chan’s healthy glow. It contains an SPF 20, protecting your skin from the UV rays damage, in the meantime helps to hydrate and covers all those imperfections around the eyes area. Suitable for you with oily skin types. 

Flush With A Blush

Next step, Bobbi Brown suggests to give your skin a pinch of flush with Pat McGrath Skin Fetish in the colour Devine Blush. The colour is not too bright yet not too soft for a good golden hour selfie. This colour will instantly lift up your cheekbones and give you that flushy tone of colours. Pat McGrath is known for its outstanding formula, so this blusher is perfect for you to flaunt around under the bright sunny weather for that magical golden hour selfie. 

Bobbi Brown gave a tip to apply a blusher: instead of coating them on a brush and applying directly onto your skin, try using your fingertips to dab the product along your cheekbones. This will give a more natural effect, as opposed to chalky makeup appearance. 

Bronze To The Bone

Your golden hour makeup wouldn’t be complete without the most powerful arsenal of them all which is bronzer. Seriously, the most important aspect of golden goddess makeup is choosing the right bronzer. And with so many textures to choose from—liquid, powder, cream, stick—the choices of bronzer are endless. Though, Bobbi Brown opted for all time cult-favourite, Dior Forever Natural Brown, due to its versatility. They offer a pretty good amount of range to give you that fake sun-baked effect. Without having you to bathe under the thick sun. 

To bronze your skin, use the 3 techniques. Start at the top of our temple, sweep it under your cheekbone, and bring under across your jawline. Bronzers are specially designed to warm up your skin, so you need to be careful in using the right amount of bronzer. You definitely don’t want to end up looking chalky or straight out of a failed sauna session. 

The Perfect Pout!

Okay, when it comes to golden hour, you need to apply a lip product that matches your whole look. Bobbi Brown said, go for the lightest, somewhat minimalist when choosing a lip product for your golden hour look. She said, you don’t want to overshadow your perfect glowy skin to your over-bright looking lips. So make sure you pick a nude colour or a soft pink lipstick. She suggested Shiseido Colorgel Lip Balm. 

A perfect light-catching product that will give you the irresistible looking pout. Shiseido is known for their hydrating lip products, so while you soak under the sun, posing for pictures, they’ll help protect your lip as well!

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