BFF Rewards Program (Launching October 2020)

What  BFF Rewards Points?

It is the loyalty program  by Beauty Insider Singapore where registered members get rewarded simply by sharing, reviewing, purchasing, booking appointments and other actions.

How do i become a BFF member ?

It is simple. Go here and sign up! 

How long does it take to start my membership after I sign up ?

Your membership starts immediately upon receiving your completed registration.

When will my points be credited ?

Your points will be credited to your account at the end of 14 days to take into account any exchanges or returns made.

Do I have to pay for my membership ?

No. It’s absolutely free!

Can I sign up for two memberships ?

No you are only entitled to one membership. In the event that Insider Mall / Beauty Insider discovers a person to have more than one membership account, it will deregister all but one account and may also prohibit the Member from registering again on the site. It may make this decision at any time, without warning or notification to the Member.

How can I earn BFF Points?

You can earn points through writing reviews,sharing articles, booking appointments online with our Spa, Salons merchants and of course shopping on Insider Mall. Further details on how you can earn points can be found here.

What can i redeem my BFF points for ?

BFF Rewards Points  can be redeemed for exclusive benefits and privileges for our registered members. These can be in the form of discounts, special deals and promotions offered by our sellers and merchants. *Coming Soon  :  Insider Mall Store Credit and e-vouchers where you can offset the prices of products from our sellers. 

Who are the participating brands in the BFF rewards program ?

We have various beauty retailers and merchants participating in our BFF rewards program. From redeeming special deals and offers on your favourite cosmetic products, facials and massages, we are constantly getting new merchants on board so keep coming back monthly to check out what offers are available.

How can I know If I have made a successful redemption?

Where can I find my BFF rewards points? 

Your BFF Rewards can be found under the My Account page. The current number of your points is under your icon. 

How do I redeem my points ?

Go here to redeem your points

When will  my BFF points be credited to my account ?

If you are  shopping and earning points on Insider Mall, please note that your points will automatically be credited to your account after 14 days, to take into account if there are any requests for refunds or exchanges.

For other activities, this will be done at the point of interaction with the site (writing reviews etc)

I have wrongly redeemed my BFF rewards for a wrong item or promotion. Can I request for a change?

We are sorry but this is not possible and thank you for your understanding.

How Long is the expiry date for my BFF rewards points ?

Reward points have one year validity from the day they are acquired. 

Any unused points at any event can’’t be extended, replaced, refunded, exchanged or transferred to other accounts. 

What happens If i have missing points ?

Please email us on detailing your reasons why you feel your points are missing and we shall investigate further.

Termination of BFF Rewards & Redemption Program 

Beauty Insider reserves the right to cancel the Program at any time.

If Members have not redeemed their points for rewards before the termination of the Program, the remaining points will become void.

Beauty Insider may, in its absolute discretion, at any time:

  1. change, amend or vary these Terms and Conditions,
  2. change, amend, vary, withdraw or cancel any reward or the value of any reward, 
  3. exclude a Member from participating in the Program, 
  4. cancel a Member’s Account without prior notice to the members.