Singapore_Memories Allure De Art™


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The SINGAPORE_MEMORIES Allure De Art is inspired by the culture of Singapore and makes both room aromas and perfumes. Singapore is home to much beautiful architecture and art. This room fragrance is dedicated to the master artists and architects that made it possible. Singapore itself has been known to be an economic hub, but it is also becoming a cultural capital. This room fragrance brings the scent of art as a homage. Infused with olfactory notes that help remind you of the warmth of art, combined with the freshness of surroundings. To make this fragrance uniquely Singaporean, notes of Phalaenopsis Kilby Cassviola have been added. Providing the benefit to remind you of the Asian experience, this fragrance combines aromas from countries steeped with art.

To use the SINGAPORE_MEMORIES Allure De Art:

Spray 2 to 3 pumps of the fragrance mist around your desired room.


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