Juliet Armand Anticallus Serum


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The Juliette Armand Anticallus Serum moisturizes and softens the calluses of the feet. This skin concern often happens to individuals who are active, walk frequently, and wear inappropriate shoe size. This effective serum reduces the calluses on the affected skin area. It contains Salicylic Acid that is responsible to soften the surface by adding up the moisture of the skin. Besides, the skin cells are easily shed as it will diminish the causes that stick the skin cells together. It is an antibacterial product that will maintain the skin’s healthiness. This Juliette Armand’s best mixture is suitable for all skin types as it is fragrance and toxin-free.

To use the Juliette Armand Anticallus Serum: 

1. Apply a few drops on the calluses 

2. Apply twice a day 

Salicylic Acid 1%, Urea 20%. 


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