Labo Nutrition Biogenics16 15s


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The LABO NUTRITION Biogenics16 15s is 100% natural, supported with a vegetarian formula which allows it to be safety assured. It doesn’t have other colouring or additives and is said to be 1000x more effective than other cultivation methods. The product is said to benefit oral health, skin conditions, gastrointestinal health and overall immunity of the body. It focuses on targeting the intestines as it is usually the root cause of numerous health problems. As well as helping the body grow good bacteria, the product won Unity’s 2019 Popular Choice Awards.

To use LABO NUTRITION Biogenics16 15s:

Dilute 1 sachet in water or other beverages.

The Development of Biogenics 16:

Biogenics 16 is made in Japan, using patented fermentation and extraction processes to deliver superiority, quality and efficacy.

  1. Co-cultivation of 16 strains of high potency LAB in organic soya bean broth
  2. Fermentation under a fixed temperature and humidity for 1 year
  3. Patented extraction process is used to extract only the components which will work on the body’s good bacteria
  4. Biogenics 16 is deposited into sachets under sterile condition


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