Sawaday [Bundle of 2] Mos-Bye Chamomile Mosquito Repellent 275ml


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The SAWADAY [Bundle Of 2] Mos-Bye Chamomile Mosquito Repellent has a herbal fragrance and is based in Singapore. This mosquito repellent contains natural ingredients and even doubles as a deodorizing air freshener. With a herbal fragrance, this product does not contain DEETS, which makes it safe to be used even for children. Providing double benefits, you can place the SAWADAY Mos-Bye anywhere in your home. The SAWADAY Mos-Bye Mosquito Repellent comes with a Chamomile fragrance to repel mosquitos and provide long-lasting aromas.

To use the SAWADAY [Bundle of 2] Mos-Bye Chamomile Mosquito Repellent:

1.     Remove the plastic wrap cover.

2.     Rotate the outer cover left or right to open.

3.     Rotate the inner cover in an anticlockwise direction, then take it out.

4.     Insert the filter paper provided into the liquid.

5.     Close tightly.


Fragrance, Deodorant, Surfactant, Preservative, Antiforming Agent, Stabilizer, Solvents

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