[Bundle of 3] Dr.Morita Wrinkle Anti-Aging Essence Facial Mask 3S [Oct 2021]


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5 kind of Hyaluronic acid (HA) contented, Supreme HA essences (100% imported from Japan): Macro, Medium & Micro molecule of Hyaluronic acid, Adhesion Hyaluronic acid— to go into different layer of your skin to catch moisture.
11 Amino Acid: The smallest molecular structure of protein, for anti-oxidant stimulate regeneration.
Lava (obsidian) and gold/ extract: rich in trace elements which have the effect of conditioning and repairing the skin.
Swiftlet extract: the antioxidant function, contains the EGF epidermal growth factor, various polysaccharides, various amino acids.
Q10: a very strong antioxidant to slow down skin aging, repair damaged collagen fibers and reduce wrinkles.

Fiber: Silky Moribiotex
– Seamless 3D mask sheet to pamper your skin submissively and softly.
– This fiber has a temperature preservation effect, will not easily take away the temperature from the skin.
– By keeping temperature, simulating Spa treatment with warm and gentle pressure for intensive moisturizing and rejuvenating.
***Compared with other Dr. Morita’s fiber of sheet mask.

Skin Types:
– Dry Skin
– De-hydrated Skin
– Normal Skin
– Wrinkled Skin
– Aging Skin

After cleansing, leave on for 10-15 minutes then remove, not necessary to rinse, gently massage until fully absorbed. For optimal results, may apply daily.

Country of manufacture: Taiwan
Imported By: DCH Auriga Singapore. 10 Raeburn Park #01-33 Singapore 088702.

Tel : 6514 7585.

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