ALS Beauty Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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The ALS Beauty Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the benefits to help achieve radiant and smooth skin. Because it has the ability to help stimulate the generation of new cells, it gives the skin a youthful appearance. Extra Virgin Oil also contains nutrients and moisture desired by hour skin and hair. Naturally rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, it has the benefits to help tighten and tone the skin. It is also able to help slow down the development of creases, wrinkles as well as signs of ageing. As it softens the skin, it is also effective in helping to treat burns. If applied to the hair, it can help condition and add shine. While applying it on nails can help heal brittle and dry nails, therefore softening the cuticles.


To use the ALS Beauty Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Apply an appropriate amount onto your skin or hair.


First cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Suitable as Carrier Oil (FDA approved).

For external use only. Store in cool dry place away from sunlight. Content colour may change according to temperature. Keep out of children's reach.

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