Glov Makeup Remover Travel Set Expert Oily Skin


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GLOV Travel Set will meet all your needs for your make-up removal and nighttime skincare routine. Packed in one colourful cosmetics bag, the set effortlessly replenishes hydration and rebalances the skin for a glowing complexion.

The travel set is inclusive of:
1x Mesh travel pouch
1x GLOV On The Go
1x GLOV Quick Treat
1x Glov Magnet cleanser
1x Hanger with Suction Cup

Achieving radiant skin on the go while you are travelling is made easier now!
GLOV Travel Set for all Oily Skin: Suitable for oily skin type

Wet the product with warm water and start cleansing away! When you're done, simply rub the glove with our orange oil-rich Magnet Cleanser, wash with warm water, and hang up on the suction hook. GLOV On The Go- to remove makeup with just water. GLOV Quick Treat- for quick removal of eye make up or corrections. GLOV Magnet cleanser- to clean the GLOV fibres and your make up brushes.

80% polyester, 20% polyamide. 


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