The Cosmetic Republic Keratin Comb


The COSMETIC REPUBLIC Keratin Comb has benefits to prevent fibers from falling onto the forehead when applying Keratin hair fibers. Usually used together with the Cosmetic Republic Keratin Fibers, it slides easily into the hair. This allows it to provide a natural and quick look and a stylish hairstyle within seconds. Using the Keratin Comb also ensues less product is used during each application. Ideal for all hair types – dyed, straight or curly, long, or short, thinning, and fragile hair, as well as extensions. Each use optimizes and extends the duration of fibers.


1. Place the Keratin Comb on the area you want to cover.

2. Hold the comb while applying the Keratin Fibers onto the hairline.

3. Comb gently and spread hair fibers evenly if needed.

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The seller ship the item quite fast and the packaging is well packed. Thank you!
~June 11, 2021

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