AFC Japan Kouzu Vinegar 90s


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The AFC Japan Kouzu Vinegar is formulated from authentic Japanese glutinous rice vinegar. The rice vinegar is traditionally fermented in handcrafted earthen jars. For the production of this vinegar, only a select variation of rice with a premium starch percentage is used. To achieve a potent formula that is 20 times more concentrated than normal liquid vinegar, it’s fermented for 3 years. Due to its prolonged period of fermentation, it contains 16 times more beneficial amino acids. Thus, it has the benefit to help with natural weight loss and healthy skin. This product has other benefits such as helping to maintain alkalinity and purify the blood. It can also help support healthy glucose and cholesterol levels.

To use the AFC Japan Kouzu Vinegar :

Consume 3 softgels after having a heavy meal.

Active Ingredient per Softgel:

Aromatic Vinegar extract powder - 70mg

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