RRAW Lavender Infused Body Oil


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The RRAW Lavender Infused Body Oil is an environmentally friendly, natural and organic skincare that is based in Singapore. This body oil is suitable for all skin types and can also be used for the hair. Body oils are actually a better alternative to body lotion because they are nature concentrated. They also have the benefit to deliver deeper into your skin for hydration. The formula is also infused with Lavender, which gives a boost of antioxidants to treat dark spots.

To use the RRAW Lavender Infused Body Oil:

1.     Apply onto damp skin after shower.

2.     Use on extra dry spots.

3.     Apply 2 to 3 drops onto damp hair if desired.

Sweet Almond Oil. Grapeseed Oil. Lavender EO. Lavender Extract. Lavender Buds. 


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