The SINGAPORE_MEMORIES Mahjong & More is inspired by the culture of Singapore and makes both room aromas and perfumes. Mahjong is one of Asia’s many traditional games that has become a tradition in Singapore. Many things can happen at a Mahjong table. Finding love and friends, telling stories, as well as making decisions. Being a nostalgic memory for many Singaporeans, Mahjong tends to bring people together. While playing this game, many have lost their sense of time as they play all night, until dawn. Yan Chai Hospital in Hong Kong has even used Mahjong to benefit as therapeutic values. This room fragrance can help remind you of the elegant smell of wood from the table, and the amber from the tiles.

To use the SINGAPORE_MEMORIES Mahjong & More:

Spray 2 to 3 pumps of the fragrance mist around your desired room.


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