Singapore_Memories Monsoon


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The SINGAPORE_MEMORIES Monsoon is inspired by the culture of Singapore and makes both room aromas and perfumes. Reminiscent of the smell of rain in Singapore, this fragrance tries to capture a similar feeling with its Monsoon scent. The Monsoon season comes for a predictable time every year. During this time, the monsoon brings heavy rain, as well as water and prosperity in the past. With the water providing benefits for agriculture. The monsoon season is also associated with prosperity that calls for festivities. Most of Southeast Asia celebrate the mid-autumn festival, associating the monsoon with celebration, passion, and life. Containing a few favourite orchid scented notes like Calanthe Alismifolia, Gymnadenia Conopsea and more. As well as lots of Hyacinth, Rosemary, Hay, Jatamansi, Arnica and Sea Notes.

To use the SINGAPORE_MEMORIES Monsoon:

Spray 2 to 3 pumps of the fragrance mist around your desired room.


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