ORGANIC ARGAN OIL – 100% Cold-Pressed


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Certified Organic ~ Cold Pressed ~ Hand Harvested ~ Unrefined ~ Virgin

100% Pure Argan Oil from MOROCCO – 30 ml

A multi-purpose moisturiser for HAIR, FACE, BODY & NAILS.

Only authentic Argan oil guarantees moisturised, nourished, and luminous hair & skin.

Try our today!

Used for Centuries for its high content of Omega fatty acids & Vitamin E to prevent:

wrinkles, acne, hair loss, sun damage, skin inflammation, damaged frizzy hair, stretch marks, scarring/pigmentation, dry skin, dry cuticle, cracked heels & dry lips.

Nature’s gift to reduce and eliminate skin dehydration, wrinkles/ fine lines while increasing skin elasticity and firmness!

Used morning & night as the final step to any beauty routine to lock in moisture! 

Traditionally used in Moroccan Hammam Spa Ritual after full-body exfoliation with black soap & kessa glove and applying the rhassoul clay mask. This helps the body absorb the benefits of the oil for glowing skin!

Our Organic Argan Oil is ethically sourced from a network of cooperatives owned by the Berber women of Morocco and extracted using the cold-pressed extraction method to preserve the nutrients of the oil.

Free from parabens, silicone, alcohol, fillers & fragrances.

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