Pearlie White Lighted Tooth Stain Eraser + Plaque Remover + Mouth Mirror


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Tooth Stain Eraser and Plaque Remove with Light is all you need to help remove tough tooth stains and plaque. Three different function heads. One with a stainless steel plaque remover. Another with an in-mouth observation mirror. And another with a tooth stain eraser. In-mouth observation dental mirror to observe both upper and lower, teeth and gums for missing fillings, mouth ulcers, hidden plaque/stains. Comes with a Super Bright LED light to help illuminate inside of mouth so you can see clearly the areas that need stain and plaque removal.. Heads can be separated from the handle of the item, allowing you to sterilize (autoclave/steam clean) the heads. Easy to use and able to last for at least two years based on twice a week usage. Code: PWE0097CLNOCE


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