Labo Nutrition Precious Dew 237ml


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The LABO NUTRITION Precious Dew 237ml is made of 100% ionic minerals with a high purity level that has less than 1% of sodium. It’s able to balance, restore and rejuvenate cell life, as well as balance the pH and electrolyte levels in our body and even restore the body’s essential trace minerals. LABO NUTRITION Precious Dew 237ml is halal, vegan and gluten-free certified which allows everyone in Singapore to consume it. As it is 99% sodium-free, its benefit extends to people with blood pressure concerns as it is safe for them to consume as well.

To use LABO NUTRITION Precious Dew 237ml:

Recommended consumption is 20 to 40 drops a day.

100% ionic minerals. Contains no other added ingredients.


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