Sato Sankaijo 150S [Expiry Jan 2025]


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The SATO Sankaijo 150S is an effective laxative that has the benefit to help relieve constipation. This laxative is mild and produced with vegetable-based ingredients. The SATO Sankaijo 150s can be taken before bed, to help adjust the function of the large intestine. This laxative also benefits by not disturbing your sleep, therefore allowing for a fresher bowel action the next morning. The formula contains active ingredients such as Rhubarb, Aloe, Senna and Herbal powder for flavour. The dosage can also be adjusted accordingly based on the severity of constipation. Take note that this product expires in January 2025.

To use the SATO Sankaijo 150S:

1.     Start with the minimum dose 2 times a day in the morning and evening.

2.     Slowly increase or adjust the dosage to suit bowel condition.

Active Ingredients (per 1 tablet): Rhubarb 25mg, Aloe 12.5mg, Senna 25mg, Herbal powder as flavour.

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