SatoLax 20S [Expiry Jun 2024]


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The SatoLax 20S is a vegetable laxative that has the benefit to help relieve constipation. The formula has a rich active ingredient of Plantago Ovate Forska, which allows it to absorb moisture in the stomach. This in-turn, expands the stomach, pushing out the clogged stool and clears the bowel. This laxative is mild and is less likely to cause diarrhoea and abdominal pain. Take note that this product expires in June 2024.

To use the SatoLax 20S:

Take a maximum of 2 times a day with a glass of warm water.

Active Ingredients (8g contains): Plantago Ovata Forska 4.336g, Senna Pod 0.992g

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