Sawaday Shoshugen Toilet Lemon 400ml


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The SAWADAY Shoshugen Toilet Lemon can help remove unpleasant odours and is based in Singapore. The SAWADAY Shoshugen Toilet Lemon comes in a 400ml container that is suitable for toilets. Placing this in the toilets has the benefit of helping achieve a clean and fresh smelling toilet. Its mild Lemon fragrance helps refresh the environment of the toilet and remove unwanted bad odours. It also has a large filter paper, giving deodorizing effects and is best stored away from direct sunlight. It’s best to keep this product upright and place it on a stable surface.

To use the SAWADAY Shoshugen Toilet Lemon:

1.     Tear along the strip of wrapping.

2.     Remove the outer lid.

3.     Turn the inner lid in the arrow’s direction.

4.     Gently pull the inner lid to adjust the intensity.

5.     Close the outer lid.

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