Inspired Beauty SOCHIO Led Mask


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The Inspired Beauty SOCHIO Led Mask can be your essential holy grail product to help to achieve youthful and flawless skin. This SOCHIO Led mask takes advantage of modern technologies latest advancement. Thus, it allows you to enjoy at-home facial treatment without the expensive costs. Its light therapy mask also has the benefit to provide three different colors. Each color has the benefit to help treat different problems of the skin. Since it’s convenient to use, it also helps rejuvenate the skin and has effects to help remove acne and freckles. Featuring a red light that helps increase cellular activity, it helps firm the skin and provide antioxidant effects. The blue light, however, has the benefit to help effectively get rid of acne bacteria. Therefore, it helps eliminate acne from the roots to help improve the pore’s environment. The yellow light, on the other hand, helps improve microcirculation and helps reduce the roughness of the skin.

To use the Inspired Beauty SOCHIO Led Mask:

1.     Cleanse your face.

2.     Apply the SOCHIO sheet mask.

3.     Connect the LED mask to a power bank.

4.     Place it on your face and wait for 15 minutes.

5.     The lights will switch off automatically after that. 

Three lights, Three functions

Red (620-630nm): Skin Rejuventation Mode

Increase cellular activity, speed up metabolism, and promote collagen formation. With whitening, skin rejuvenation, increased skin elasticity, improved skin condition, repair damaged skin, firm skin, anti-aging and anti-oxidant effect.

Blue (460-470nm): Anti-Acne Mode

Effectively eliminate acne bacteria so that the acne can be eliminated from the root, improve the environment inside the pores, and restrain the bacteria deep into skin.

Yellow (580-590nm): Brighten Skin Mode

Improve the alternating function of cell oxygen, improve microcirculation, dilute pigment, reduce skin roughness and circulation. Supplement cellular energy Add energy to skin cells, promote gland function, assist digestion, treatment of skin diseases, enhance the immune function.


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