RRAW Stains: Lips & Cheeks


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The RRAW Stains: Lips & Cheeks is an environmentally friendly, natural and organic skincare that is based in Singapore. Having light and beautiful shades, these stains will accent your cheeks and lips for that natural glow! Its formula is non-drying, as well as being light in texture. Making it an excellent alternative instead of thick blush powders, or heavy liquid matte lipsticks. Helping you achieve that all-natural, effortless look, the RRAW Stains come in five stunning shades! Featuring Crassatella – bright red, Vitrinella – deep red, Scallop – mauve, Cerith – bright orange and Atla – nude brown. Giving benefits of a satin or matte finish if you blot!

To use the RRAW Stains: Lips & Cheeks:

1.     Apply desired amount onto both your lips and cheeks.

2.     Allow to dry for a few seconds.

Aqua. Beetroot. Soy Lecithin (From Soy), Virgin Coconut Oil. Beeswax. Turmeric Powder. Wildberry Juice. Honey. Natural Fruit Extracts. 

Scent and flavour varies as we like to change it up sometmes!


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