Viplus M1 Pregnancy Formula Expiry Jun 2021 [Aurigamart Authorized Distributor]


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The Viplus M1 Pregnancy Formula is HALAL and helps cater to the nutritional needs of pregnant mothers. This Pregnancy Formula has won the DIAA Silver Award 2020. It has benefits to help restore vitamins and minerals lost during an expecting mother’s pregnancy. Featuring benefits such as Folic Acid which helps decrease the risk of neural tube defects. The formula also contains essential proteins and Iron, which helps the production of red blood cells. Along with FOS probiotics of calcium and Vitamin D which boosts digestive health and DHA to support brain development. Take note that this product expires in June 2021.

To use the Viplus M1 Pregnancy Formula:

Mix up to 4 scoops with warm or cold water.

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