VOLUMINATE Super Growth & Renewal Hair Wash


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Your scalp deserves as much attention as your skin, because it’s the piece of skin that holds your crowning glory together.

If you’ve noticed a loss in the volume or the gradual thinning of your hair or even your partner’s, Voluminate is the ‘facial wash’ for your scalp that you’ll want to have.

This scalp-nourishing hair wash stars two key ingredients: Minoxidil and Gingko Biloba.

Minoxidil, originally an oral medication for the regulation of blood pressure was accidentally discovered with the curious side effect of extensive hair growth. Since then, scientists have formulated this FDA-approved ingredient to be applied topically, for the specific purpose of the stimulation of hair growth.

Ginkgo Biloba is a herbal supplement extracted from leaves, and promotes the circulation of blood throughout the scalp, in turn encouraging the growth of hair with the revival of dead hair follicles.

This one-two combination of ingredients work in tandem to deliver a knockout punch to potential and prevailing problems of hair loss and hair thinning, regardless of gender!

  What I love:

  • super fuss free as all I need to do is to shampoo my hair!
  • encourages new, healthy hair growth
  • helps to improve my thinning hair line and increases my hair volume

Active ingredients

Minoxidil 5%, Ginkgo Biloba

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