ZenyumFresh Floss Picks 50pcs


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A sturdy and pleasant finish for that stunning smile. ZenyumFresh Floss is made to glide between your teeth to target food debris and bacteria effectively.

➩ Key Features & Benefits:
✓ Charcoal-infused Mint ➜ Long-lasting freshness
✓ Sturdy Nylon Threads ➜ Withstand shredding during flossing and glide effectively 
✓ Eco-Friendly ➜ Use 60% less plastic, a push for sustainability

➩ Natural Materials:
✓ Made from 60% Corn Starch
✓ Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free
✓ Free from harmful chemicals such as PFAS and BPA

✓ Use ZenyumFresh Floss pick to dislodge larger food debris
✓ For more stubborn food debris, gently slide the floss up and down, rubbing it against both sides of each tooth
✓ Repeat the steps for each tooth.


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