Lawrence Wong is a 32 year old Singaporean actor and singer born in Malaysia. He has explored many things throughout his career with acting, singing, and now a founder of his very own skincare brand; Grail Skin. Grail Skin combines technology and unearthed ancient secrets to create amazing skincare products for all. With formulation that is natural, sustainable, effective, and time-saving, their goal is to be the holy grail in skincare. Now, you must be wondering about the brand and it’s dashing founder. Well, Beauty Insider has got all the deets!

1. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I can bend and fold straws very evenly using just my teeth and tongue. 

2. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

There’s so many different things to discover and fall in love with in different countries or cities, and that’s what makes it so exciting whenever I get to stay in a new place for an extended period of time, but nothing beats home.  Singapore is home –  where my heart is and it will always be my favorite place. 

3. Why and what made you choose to start your own skincare line – Grail Skin?

I always get questions about my skin, and so I thought: why not create my own line that I truly believe in? I wanted to create something that is simple, fuss-free, environmentally friendly, and provides visible results. You only have to use my Do-It-All mask or Got-It-Covered sunscreen once to feel the great texture, and how comforting and calming it is! The sunscreen protects you against not only UVA, UVB, VIS, IR but blue rays as well – it’s great for anyone because we are constantly in front of our computer screens and mobile phones. I guess Grail stood out because our products not only work, but are practical and relevant to people  in their everyday life! 

4. What makes Grail Sunscreen – Got It Covered special compared with the normal sunscreen on the market? 

Well, first of all, it’s a pure physical sunscreen. I prefer physical sunscreens, because chemical sunscreens take a while to work upon application. Chemical sunscreens that contain Oxybenzone also threaten coral reefs and are banned in some countries! I believe in high quality products that also care for the environment, which is why Got-It-Covered is a pure mineral sunscreen that is reef friendly, and offers protection immediately upon application. It also has a super smart non-sticky, mattifying formula with no white cast; it acts as a great make up base, offers an array of skincare benefits, and most importantly, offers protection against not only UVA and UVB but also VIS, IR and blue rays as well! Beat that! 

5. Do you have any more exciting upcoming launches to Grail Skin?

I have many exciting products in the pipeline and I will only share more when we are absolutely ready. My aim is to launch everyday products that you use in your everyday life. Products that are a must in your life, and products that will become a holy grail in your routine. Stay tuned! 

6. How has the pandemic changed your career?

The pandemic has given me the time to properly conceive and launch Grail! Others bake, I launched a brand! I think it’s all about adapting and finding different ways and alternatives to achieve your goals and dreams. However, one huge thing I miss about pre-pandemic days is the ease of traveling. I hope that it will be fully restored soon.

7. Do you have any advice to those who look to be like you one day?

I would say: be very persistent in your dreams or goals, balance that with some realistic expectations, and always believe in yourself.

8.   What do you hope to see in your future career-wise?

I am  pretty much a live-in-the-moment kinda guy, especially in today’s time. I do hope to be able to act in many more good quality productions with great scripts, and develop Grail into a lifestyle empire. 

9.   What is the one thing you couldn’t go without in your daily life?

Sunscreen! I never ever start my day without sunscreen and it’s been like that for as long as I can remember. Even if I am gonna be indoors the whole day, I’ll still apply sunscreen. A lot of people don’t do that because they may feel that using sunscreen is troublesome and feels greasy on their face. My Got-It-Covered sunscreen might be just the thing you need to turn using sunscreen into an everyday habit – it will be the one sunscreen you enjoy applying! Try it once and you will know what I mean.