Insider Trend: Pay Attention To These 5 Upcoming Trends, Thanks To NY Fashion Week

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / September 16, 2021
Categories : Beauty News

Gather up, beauty lovers! For the past few weeks, we have carefully studied all the beauty trends—from makeup to hair to nail arts—that are predicted to be huge in the upcoming seasons. Now, thanks to New York Fashion Week SS22, we finally got the whole picture on what the future of beauty and fashion industries will look like. And it is safe to say that the future is already looking good, with designers deciding to go bolder, colourful, daring and everything that screams ‘’Statement!’’. 

According to fashion and beauty experts all over the world, due to the long overdue lockdown, and having to deal with a lot of crises coming from the north and the south of every nation, people are seeking to express themselves more—and this where the playfulness of colours came into play. ‘’We’re looking for a source of inspiration back again, after almost a year of dealing with reflections.’’ Yes, agree. And if you look closely, artsy designs are mostly likely to become the choice of consumers, as opposed to plain, monochromatic colours before. 

From maintaining the mood of simplicity to boosting bold statements to beaded box braids, here are 5 beauty trends that are likely to emerge around your radar, so you better watch out. We here at Beauty Insider are more than happy to follow suits, though. Would you?

Starry, Shiny, Sparkly 

It’s the year of 2021, so anything that is sparkly is welcome here. Let’s take a cue from Peter Do’s fashion show—where he decided to glammed up his models with silver-tipped tear ducts that mimics a futuristic pop. So basically a 60’s disco meets an alienated aesthetic? Got it. However, at Luar’s show, sharp razor-cat eyes are the showstealer, with the ultimate pearls decorating the inner corner of the eye. At Anna Sui, of course, she opted for metallic yet smokey on the middle of the eyelids, while maintaining the tropical vibes. Very dope, we must say. Last but not least, LaQuan Smith was going full force with sexy winged eyes, with a twist of glitter in deep ruby and navy blue shades. Very fierce.

The Bigger The Hair, The Better 

Remember when TikTok #FYP were filled with Cindy Crawford’s 90’s inspired hair look? And we also once covered an article on how people are slowly embracing their big curly natural hair? Yeap, NYFW just confirmed the trend with big brands like Moschino, Christian Siriano, Thom Browne and Collina Strada dolling up their models with big, bold and brizzy hairstyles. Now, you better sleep with your two eyes open because before you would even know it, you’ll be greeted with sky-scraping French twist, rainbow-beaded box braids and vivid, garden-fairy-meets-scene-kid will be making its debut around you. Even if you think the style is hideous, there are people who find them, not. Just brace yourself. 

Bold Artistic Colour

Yup! We predicted it a long time ago. The bold striking colours are definitely the next maximalist trends that you need to hope for before the year ends. And according to beauty experts, people are slowly going full force when it comes to choosing vibrant and bolder colour. From ombre-green to blue sunburst, these colours will surely make people turn heads wherever they go. And if you think bright, bold colours aren’t enough, expect more because neon colours are also slowly becoming the cult favourites these days. But be careful though, while you’re being all creative trying to adapt with colours, make sure you’re not jeopardizing your face to look like a clown. Blend!

Hair Accessories? Yes, Please!

Now, onto our favourite trends of all time! Hair accessories are making a comeback, and no, this isn’t a false advertisement. Leave it to Markarian, Ulla Johnson, Maryam Nassir Zeddah, and the good Tory Burch to churn out and serve the best hair accessories collections ever. During the New York Fashion Week, these designers, took a spin when it comes to hairstyles and decorated their models head with oversized bows, veiled headbands and hair baubles. There’s also creative ways to play around with your hair by incorporating chunky geometric barrettes fastened in the mid-lengths and towards the ends of your long locks. Totally speechless. But out of all, we favour Tom Ford’s intelligence by placing utilitarian rhinestone-encrusted styling clips on top of slicked buns.

No Limit In Art 

If all those striking colours and big hairstyles aren’t enough, these people really went big with a watercolour-ish theme on their show. Okay, hear us out, you don’t have to paint your faces to follow the trends, they’re models for God’s sake, but since Halloween is around the corner, why not test out your creativity? Nevertheless, when it comes to the beauty world, anything is limitless. The world is your oyster. 

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