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Italian Technology Catered to Asian Skin- the New Filler Code by DIBI MILANO

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Dibi Milano is a brand that has stood the test of time since it was founded in 1976. Recently, they launched their newest product line Dibi Milano’s Filler Code. Beauty Insider had the unique opportunity to interview Alfaparf Group’s Senior International Trainer Paul Keegan and Export Manager, Skincare, Matteo Annini.

Filler Code Launch in Singapore

Dibi Milano’s new product range, Filler Code is a game changer for maturing or fast ageing skin. The root of most ageing concerns comes from the skin’s inability to produce nutrients necessary for skin cells to regenerate and repair. By harnessing the science of Enzymology, their new product line aims to replenish lost nutrients while jump-starting skin renewal and virtually reverse the science of ageing! 

Beauty Insider: Can you tell us more about today’s event and what Dibi Milano aims to contribute to the Asian skincare market here in Singapore?

Paul Keegan: This is our second event here in Singapore and we are delighted to introduce our new line here. Singapore is a top-leading market for us here in Asia. We have a long history with Asian skincare since producing White Science, our best-selling whitening line catered to Asian skin, and feel that our Asian market will greatly benefit from this new line Filler Code.

With over 40 years of experience, we are proud to be a results oriented company that focuses on professional led skincare that is stocked in professional salons all over the world. 

Beauty Insider: What is Enzymology and how is it revolutionary to the science of anti-ageing? 

Paul Keegan: We used our high technology to produce what is called a TS enzyme. This, simply put, is both a Time and Space enzyme. It aims to reverse signs of ageing that have occurred due to a loss of nutrients and ageing of skin cells over time. The “Space” helps reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles on the skin and even the deeper wrinkles that have occurred with time. 

Paul Keegan demonstrating the new product line

By harnessing the simple power of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules to form moisture, this enzyme stimulates blood circulation and other natural processes in mature skin. All of this science helps produce visible results- in less than 28 days!

Beauty Insider: Tell us more about your new line, Filler Code , and how it works to target signs of ageing particularly for Asian skin?

Paul Keegan: Though Asian skin tends to show ageing much later on in life, the occurrence of micro wrinkles or dryness wrinkles due to the pollution from your environment, can exacerbate the growth of wrinkles. Not just that, air-conditioned rooms can be particularly harsh on the skin and the free radicals in the air can affect skin texture and contribute to roughness in the long run. 

Filler Code can help benefit ageing and matured skin as well as dry and undernourished skin. The latter often occurs with people who live in big cities without natural fresh air readily available. 

Beauty Insider: With a myriad of brands readily accessible to customers, why should they choose Dibi Milano and how does it set itself apart from other skincare brands?

Matteo Annini: Dibi Milano prides itself from being a brand entrenched in history. The philosophy of all our products lies in the Dibi Method. A seven star logo that prioritises scientific method, research and development, cutting-edge technology, high performance products, personalised products, certified results and continuous training. These seven guiding principles ensure that our skincare retains the prestige of the brand and yet is dynamic in its approach to target skin problems at the core.

Business wise, us joining Alfaparf Group, proves that we are willing to change with the times. Recently, Alfaparf Group was listed as the number 1 company in the skincare industry, by showing the strongest financial indicators and thus will be the only Italian skincare company that is doing well enough to enter the stock market.  

Beauty Insider: How do you see skincare evolving in the next 5 years and how does Dibi Milano intend to keep up with the changing trends?

Matteo Annini: Many skincare brands have been moving to e-commerce roles. We have seen many brands take the approach to directly engage customers which might be suitable for some. However, we also find it can be hard to retain a level of quality control and thus we choose to remain as a professional only skincare brand.

You will not find our products sold online or through Amazon because we feel that licensed professionals know your skin better than anyone else. We invest in our trainers that travel across the world to personally meet beauty salons and teach them first-hand how to use our products best for their customers.

This is how we maintain our legacy as a top-selling brand but with commitment to research and development we are confident that we will stay at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs in the market.

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