Who run the world? Girls! Jazlynn Jalil is among the beautiful ladies that make this statement glow with truth. Beautiful, talented, passionate, and driven; Jazlynn J is the founder of home grown makeup brand Facefarm Beauty and a designer who is born and raised in the beautiful nation that is Singapore. She loves to fill her time by reading articles about skincare as well as researching about Beauty and Fashion trends all around the world.

Facefarm Beauty

Facefarm Beauty is a makeup brand by Jazlynn J. Birthed from her love and passion for makeup, the brand is 100% Vegan and Cruelty free! Their products include highlighter, liquid lipsticks, false lashes, and more makeup favourites. Facefarm Beauty also ships worldwide!

Read on to find out more about Beauty Insider’s interview with Jazlynn where we talked Facefarm Beauty, and what’s more to come!

Jazlynn J on Makeup

1. When did your journey in beauty begin?

It began in 2009 after I completed my learning journey in Professional Makeup Artistry.

2. Before creating Facefarm Beauty, what sparked your interest in makeup?

It all started off from Youtube. I’ve been a makeup artist for about 10 years now and it started when I was inspired by every Makeup Guru I watched on Youtube. The way they apply makeup looks so effortless and i was a teenager at that time, I was trying my best to look good to improve my self confidence, so makeup and fashion was the channel that I dived into.

Jazlynn J on Self Care and Beauty

3. As a founder of your own brand, your days must be busy. What is your self care routine like, and how do you enjoy your downtime?

I plan my days very thoroughly and i bring my lists of to-dos everywhere i go. I am strict when it comes to planning because this is how i separate my work and family time apart. Whenever I’m on my free time, catching up a movie/series is my go to or create content.

4. What is one beauty tip you’ve learned that has helped you with your beauty routine?

Never neglect your skin. Skincare is so important, always drink plenty of water! Great looking makeup starts with great skin!

Jazlynn J on Facefarm Beauty

5. What was the driving force behind your makeup brand, Facefarm Beauty?

I major in Visual Communications and Design and I have been working in an ecommerce industry since I started by first job in 2011. I have worked in a skincare, fashion and beauty industry. My experience taught me alot and one day, I questioned myself why not having my own Beauty Line?

6. What is the most important part of your brand that you want others to see when they purchase your products? What do you believe sets Facefarm apart from other beauty brands?

Facefarm Beauty is a global consciousness brand, we develop products to suit #thenewnorm such as the Pandemic we’re in now, where most of us are not able to enjoy wearing lipsticks with mask on because of the probability of it getting smudged. We are also focused on promoting awareness on global warming in time to come. We want others to see that Facefarm Beauty is not just another beauty brand but a brand that cares and is suited for all.

7. What do you enjoy most about running Facefarm Beauty, being a makeup artist, and content creating on social media?

I love seeing what I visualized come to life. Its tough handling a business and being a makeup artist but i take it as an experience and an opportunity to create better products with my knowledge in this line. Same goes for content creating, I enjoy sharing pretty things.

Jazlynn J on Future Plans and Career Goals

8. What is the most surprising thing about your career so far?

The love and support from people and family that helped me grow and do better. They believe that I could do it. Their support means alot to me and I will try my very best to give my ultimate.

9. What are your goals as a Makeup Artist, and Brand Founder? Are you looking to explore anything new in the future?

My priority goes to my brand and Facefarm Beauty will dive into skincare in the near future.

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