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Get the Jennie from BLACKPINK look- without surgery!

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Reeling from the rumours that Jennie from BLACKPINK is dating EXO’s Kai? We at Beauty Insider are shooketh too! If you’re looking for your own Korean beau why not be inspired by Jennie from BLACKPINK’s style this new year. You never know which K-Pop Star you might attract!

Spanish Real Gray Coloured Contacts

Everyone knows the signature K-Pop Star look is to have coloured contacts, We have the inside scoop that Jennie herself uses Spanish Real Gray Contacts exclusively.

A subtle eye primer coloured eyeshadow would suffice and would aim to draw attention to your irises! Try going for a bold lip and brows to balance out the change and create a more holistic look.

Flattering for Asian skin tones and not too shocking a colour, this is a great choice for someone looking to change up their look.

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YADAH- Be My Cushion in Natural Beige – $20.20

YADAH – Be My Cushion Cushion Compact

The signature appearance of Jennie from BLACKPINK is the usual fairness famed by most K-Pop Stars. However, in Singapore you can cheat this fairness with the process of baking.

This Cushion compact from YADAH is a full coverage option that allows you cover any blemishes that you might have while being able to copy her signature dewy white skin.

The best combination for this is a soft eye as well as a subtle lip tint to complement your fair complexion. Be aware! Your friends might start mistaking you for a BLACKPINK singer!

High Half Ponytail Hairstyle

This look is so 90’s we love it! Back by popular demanded is the half ponytail popularised by many Nineties icons. Jennie pulls it off with her luscious long locks but even if you are sporting a shorter hairdo this can be your go-to.

An elastic band is all you need to complete this look. But if you want to be authentic, you can go for a velvet bow to perfect the babydoll vibe that Jennie from BLACKPINK sports in this music video.