Glowing, flawless skin, we all want it. It is no secret that to achieve flawless skin we need to feed it with a good and complete skincare routine. A good skincare routine is perfected with equally good products that your skin will love. The first step is always to understand your skin type. Is it oily, dry, a mixture of both, prone to acne, or sensitive? Solving this question will help you find the right skincare products. 

Juliette Armand has plenty of amazing products to choose from, specifically and professionally designed with cutting edge technology to address your skin concerns and maintain healthy skin. Yes, that’s right, maintaining your skin’s health is also important. You may have achieved the perfect skin but without any effort to maintain it you’ll be staring in the mirror in regret sooner or later and we don’t want that! 

The Personal Professional Skincare

Loved by professional clinics and salons, Juliette Armand skincare takes steps to understand your skin beyond the typical definitions such as sensitive, dry, and oily. They approach their skin diagnosis in a more holistic way which allows them to create a skincare product range that speaks to all. 

When it comes to skincare, one size does not fit all and not one person has the exact same skin condition. Juliette Armand recognises this which is why they have a huge range of products to ensure that they are able to cater to all.

 Blending nature with science, which is skincare expert James Welsh’s favourite type of skincare, they imitate nature by sourcing their ingredients from all around the globe. Juliette Armand goes through extensive research to find the right way to combine plant sources and ingredients that are laboratory derived to deliver the best of both worlds that would solve every skin concern, problem, no matter your age. 

They also place a huge importance on creating safe skincare. This is why all of their products are dermatologically tested and approved. On top of that, these products are BS free. No allergens, parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, and other ingredients that could harm your skin. They do not believe in testing on animals, hence all of their products are cruelty free! Juliette Armand skincare is in over 28 countries and counting, they truly make your skincare dreams come true.

Juliette Armand Brands

There are four brands under Juliette Armand to cater to your skincare needs. These brands are all created under the same values and vision of the parent brand. 


Juliette Armand’s Elements consists of a line of high-end products that are complete and created professionally. They commit to provide products that perform the best and with maximum efficiency to their customers. These high-end products form the base of the skin’s beauty and health evolution. 

Using innovative technology and ingredients, Elements by Juliette Armand offers formulas that follow cosmetology trends and scientific advancements. This allows them to provide the most reliable products that are in line with the changes in modern beauty, giving you only the best the beauty world has to offer.

Skin Boosters

The Skin Boosters line by Juliette Armand is created with their commitment to provide the best quality of high-end products that maximises efficacy in the safest and natural way. With dynamic, complex, and technologically advanced formulas this line of products truly boosts the skin’s natural functions and processes, hence the name.

This skincare line sets itself apart from other skincare products with new technologies and ingredients such as Cosmetics Drones and Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid. With award winning products, this line’s effectiveness will blow your mind. 

AMESON Skin Medical Series

This series is inspired by the Greek word, AMESOS that means immediately. Hence, the AMESON range delivers immediate results. Hyaluronic acid, one of the most loved skincare ingredients, is the foundation of this entire range. They deliver state of the art products by combining 23 years worth of deep research into medical aesthetic products.


Last but definitely not least, Sunfilm by Juliette Armand. We’ve probably said this one too many times but it’s definitely worth repeating; sunscreen is important! Rain or shine, sunscreen should always be part of your skincare routine to ensure that you are protected from harmful UV rays. 

This line of products are designed to offer your skin maximum protection from UVA, UVB, infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV). With their Sun Protection Technology, Juliette Armand created this range with an antioxidant shield over your skin and provides Full Light Protection in the most harsh conditions such as high radiation, chemical exfoliation, and more. You might be wondering if this will work for sensitive and oily skin, and the answer is absolutely! 

The Sunfilm range is designed to absorb quickly in the skin without leaving any grease behind, and give your skin a soft and silky feeling you’ll love. 

Award Winning Skincare

Juliette Armand has created their fair share of award winning products, loved by many because of their effective ingredients and revolutionary formulations. Here are some of them! 

Chronos Hydra Correct Cream

The Chronos Hydra Correct Cream is an award winning age-defying lotion. It visibly erases the signs of ageing while reducing wrinkles. It increases collagen synthesis for firmer, luminous skin and repairs cellular damage. This cream is formulated to combat the free-radical damage that causes obvious and hidden symptoms of ageing, strengthens skin defences, tones the skin, and rejuvenates the look of your skin with strong anti-oxidants. The fibroblasts are targeted by new cosmetic drones for sophisticated delivery systems, which reduce wrinkles by 70%. 

What are cosmetic drones you ask? Cosmetic drones are a type of technology that allows active chemicals in the product to be delivered straight into your skin and cells. It has progressed to the point where it can now target a specific cell and, in certain circumstances, a specific region of that cell!

Thavma Hydra Lifting Cream

This incredible moisturiser tightens and improves expression lines on your skin. The Thavma Hydra Lifting Cream will give your skin an instant and youthful glow. Wrinkles produced by face muscle spasms can be treated effectively by the cream’s professionally designed formula. Its proprietary ingredient EFFECTOX™, a combination of peptides and next generation active compounds, brightens the skin’s drab look and prevents slackness and wrinkles. It also includes the peptide Argireline Solution and pentapeptide Leuphasyl for long-lasting effects. On top of that, it delivers a sophisticated and targeted delivery method of peptides to the skin, thanks to the Cosmetic Drones technology.

Tried, Tested & Loved 

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