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Kat Von D’s Two New Liners Will Change Your Eyeliner Game

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It is finally here—the new Kat Von D Beauty eyeliners that were announced a few weeks back. Ever since their announcement, we have been on our toes and waiting for the day when it finally comes to Singapore. How could we not be excited after we all saw just how long-lasting her eyeliners were thanks to that viral car accident photo? After a post like that, any eyeliner Kat Von D releases will be on our radar!

Here is what you can look forward to:



Dagger Tatoo Liner, $32, available at Sephora

Create kat eyes with ease with this angled brush tip liner. The Kat Von D Tatoo Liner has been proven to last through the apocalypse and Dagger Tatoo Liner has the same waterproof formula. The difference is in the 30-degree edge “for built-in straight lines”. The site says that “When placed along the eye area, Dagger Tatoo Liner instantly lays down a straight and precise line, for less dragging and a smaller margin of error.” Hurray for anyone who has ever left the house with uneven wings.

Popsugar reviews that this eyeliner has made creating wing eyeliners much easier that Tatoo Liner, “it’s an absolute must for anyone who has felt that the original was almost perfect but not quite there. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked.”


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Lash Liner, $32, available at Sephora

It is dubbed as the first liquid liner for your waterline. Anyone who has ever tried to line their waterline will automatically think that a liquid liner in for this already wet surface is a recipe for disaster. Can it really stay put? Lash Liner is not actually a liquid eyeliner, it has a hybrid fluid-gel formula. This means it has a richer texture than the usual liquid liner and it is designed to stand up to watery eyes. The site says, “Finally, get all of the intensity of a liquid eyeliner, without any of the running, smudging, or raccoon-eye effect associated with traditional pencil waterliners—Lash Liner glides on and quickly dries down for all-day performance.”

Just wait 15 seconds after applying to let the eyeliner set. Bustle says “Lash Liner ended up being a gift from the makeup deities. Kat Von D is going to disrupt the eyeliner category with this innovation… Lash Liner goes the distance without irritating eyes during application or upon removal… This miracle in a tube was not a source of discomfort for my eyes or contact lenses.”

Hold on while we just finish adding these to our cart!

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