Korean Eyelash Extensions 101: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Them

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As it is widely known, Korean celebrities have the flawless of skin, slender figures as well as large beautiful eyes. However, did you know that most Korean celebrities actually get their eyelash extensions done, instead of using falsies! Here are some of the things you need to know before getting your Korean Eyelash Extensions done.

What do you have to do before you arrive for your eyelash extensions?

This is pretty basic but if you don’t already know, you have to arrive at your appointment with clean lashes and absolutely NO makeup! No mascara, no eyeliner, nothing. Also, do take note that if you have gotten an eye infection or eye surgery lately, it is not advisable for you to get extensions.

Not only that, it is also advised that you go to the washroom before you start your session as you will not be able to visit the washroom in the midst or halfway through your session as you will not be able or allowed to open your eyes.

Does it hurt?

A basic question asked at every beauty treatment. The answer, however, is no. Getting your eyelash extensions is actually a painless procedure and more luxurious. It’s like going in for a hair appointment or a manicure. All you have to go is sit back, relax, and let the lash technicians get to it. Sometimes, customers even sleep while getting their eyelash extensions done – it’s that relaxing!

How long do these eyelash extensions last?

Well, on an average, eyelash extensions can last you from 3 to 6 weeks, also depending on the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes. Your eyelashes grow to a certain maximum length, fall our then regrow every 30 to 60 days. However, you can opt to get your touch-ups every 2 to 3 weeks if you want to maintain them. Also, the removal of your extensions should be done by a professional to avoid damaging your natural eyelashes.

Is it safe? Will it harm my original lashes?

Yes, this beauty procedure is absolutely safe as it is always done by highly trained and skilled eyelash technicians. They only use gentle adhesives that will not irritate and harm your eyes, skin and your natural eyelashes.

Is it advisable to use makeup while having lash extensions?

Okay, this question is very frequently asked, but coming to think of it, the reason we get eyelash extensions is so we don’t have to spend time applying mascara and falsies. However, there is no strict rule saying you cannot use makeup. So, if you do, you need to stay away from liquid-based eye products, use an oil-free makeup remover, do not pull or tug at your lash line while applying makeup, and please please stay without mascara!

How long does each eyelash extension session take?

Technically, this question is subjective and it depends on the look you choose and how professional your lash technician is. However, most eyelash extension appointments usually take about 40 to 120 minutes to complete.

How do I make it last longer?

Read up all about maintaining your eyelash extensions and having then last longer in this article: Here Are 6 Ways To Care For Your Eyelash Extensions For Longer Durability

Where can I get my Korean Eyelash Extensions done?

The Lash Company

The Lash Company is known for its specialty in their eyelash extension services. This homegrown salon specialises in single strand and 2D eyelash extensions. Also, they prioritise delivering consistency when it comes to value and personalised experienced as they go above-and-beyond in providing your with utmost customer service.

Also, if you can’t seem to decide between the Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes, the Hybrid lashes by The Lash Company is the way to go! They are a combination of the classic and volume lashes. It is done by applying both the single strand extensions and volume extensions strategically across your lash line, giving you the perfect combination of length and fullness.

Additionally, the Hybrid lashes are a subtle boost from the classic look while getting a fuller lash line and fluffiness from the volume lashes. Also, these Hybrid Lash Set is priced at only $98.00 for the first trial, in which its usual price is $128.00.

For more information & to book an appointment at The Lash Company, click here.


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