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BB Laser: The Korean Laser Treatment that will Heal Your Skin From Within!

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Wake up with naturally fairer, brighter and flawless skin! Trinity Aesthetics has brought in one of Korea’s most popular laser treatments. Nicknamed the “BB Laser” it gives you the same fresh-faced glow that you get from using your favorite BB cream.

Radiance unmasked

Sun exposure, stress, lack of sleep, or even just the effects of ageing can make our skin look dull and dry. Some of us may be struggling with acne marks, sun spots and other blemishes.

The Thulium BB laser can treat all those skin concerns. It uses special frequencies that break down pigmentations like acne marks, sun spots, and blemishes. At the same time, it renews the skin cells and encourages collagen production. The result: firmer, smoother skin and a fairer, more even-toned complexion.

Works from within the skin

Makeup can only conceal blemishes. Heavy creams can sit on top of the skin, moisturizing the surface but unable to penetrate to the deeper layers where collagen and skin cells are formed.

The Thulium BB laser is able to target the epidermal basal layer. It heals the skin from within. That’s why it’s able to clear pigmentations and improve skin texture much faster than topical creams. In fact, some patients see results in just one treatment! More severe skin problems may need more sessions, but each clinic visit reveals very visible improvements.

Korea’s most popular “maintenance laser”

Laser treatments can solve specific concerns like melisma or acne marks. However, they’re not just for solving skin problems – they can also help prevent them.

Regular laser treatments can delay ageing and keep skin radiant and healthy. Many Koreans rely on Thulium BB laser treatments to clear and minimize the appearance of pores, whiten and brighten their complexion, and keep skin firm and free of lines.

Safe and non-invasive

Since the laser doesn’t injure the outer skin, there is much less downtime than microneedling or other aesthetic treatments. Redness and swelling subside within a few hours. There is some skin sensitivity, but you can return to using makeup the next day.

Schedule your BB laser treatment today

Trinity Aesthetics is one of the leading Singapore skincare clinics that offers BB thulium laser treatments. Schedule your personal consultation to find out more about this breakthrough “BB laser” and other skin brightening and anti-ageing treatments.

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