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The Best Korean Short Hair Trends in 2020: As Seen On Your Favourite Korean Celebrity!

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As much as we adore a long mane, sometimes a fresh look is what you need to get out of the beauty rut. So what better way to make a 180-degree transformation than to go for short tresses? The idea of going through a chop can seem terrifying, but these Korean actresses prove that short hair can look equally gorgeous too! After all, this Korean style has helmed our screens for years now. For 2020, Beauty Insider has rounded up the best Korean short hairstyle trends as seen on our favourite Korean celebrities. 

IU – Jawline Bob

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If you cannot bear to go too short, the jawline bob is a stylish alternative for you. Hailed as the must-have bob hairstyle of 2020, this straight bob is cut to a hair length that stops right at the jawline for a crisp look. Look to well-beloved Korean celebrity, IU to see how gorgeous this hairstyle is! 


Plus, you can choose to alternate between a straight, blunt bob or curly short hair with this hairstyle! Simply reach out for a round comb and a trusty hair dryer to straighten or curl your ends!

TWICE Chaeyoung – Straight Blunt Bob

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The blunt bob has reigned over the past decade and it is here to stay in 2020. As seen on TWICE’s Chaeyoung, this blunt bob is snipped in one length throughout the front and the back for clean, straight-edged locks. What’s more, this blunt bob is perfect if you are a fan of low-maintenance locks! 

In order to achieve those enviable, smooth tresses, keep a handy straightening iron close to you to iron out any kinks in your hair! The GHD Platinum+ Styler is our favourite choice of straightening irons! Made with precision-milled plates, this straightening iron not only promises smooth hair but enhances the gloss in your hair by a whopping 20 per cent!

“I have used a number of straighteners and this is the best so far. Smooth texture of hair after using and short waiting time for it to be heated up. Best buy ever,” says one Sephora review.

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TWICE Chaeyoung Choppy Bob


Do away with the sleek and straight coiffures for this choppy bob! Although there is no denying how chic the sleek bob looks, the choppy bob is the adorable and fun counterpart of the sleek bob for those looking to add some personality to their hair! For this look, request to subtly layer your hair to enhance the hair’s texture! 

If you need to amp up the volume and definition to your choppy bob hairstyle, reach out for a texturising styling spray to do the job! We recommend the OUAI Texturising Hairspray to lock in those voluminous locks. We love that it is packed with volcanic minerals, so you can say goodbye to oily hair!

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“I have a short bob and my hair is dry after all the colouring. Oil makes it look flat and heavy. The hairspray is a god sent. It has good holding power and it doesn’t make it look rigid,” says on Sephora review.

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BLACKPINK Lisa – Shag Haircut

The shag hairstyle is making its comeback this 2020! Set to be one of the hottest hair trends of the year, the shag haircut features messy and textured curls for hair that screams grunge all over.  For this look, you can opt to part your hair to the side or go for tousled bangs like BLACKPINK’s Lisa! The best part about this hairstyle is that it works on almost every hair texture thanks to its versatility. So anyone can get in on this coveted trend!

If you need some extra volume to your hair, you can always use a good ol’ texturising wax. The Giovanni Wicked Texture The Definition of Pomade is our go-to pick for a texturising wax! Apart from its volumising powers, reviewers love this wax as it does not leave the scalp with a greasy finish!

Best. Wax. Ever. It’s non-greasy, and holds really well yet hair looks natural. It doesn’t leave any build-up, and even adds a bit of shine! I never want to be without this stuff,” says one iHerb review.

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Son Ga In – Sleek Bob

Another variation of the blunt bob hairstyle, the straight bob is for those who are ready to add an extra edge to their hair. Here, Brown Eyed Girl’s Son Ga In can be seen sporting a tapered short bob that meets right at the nape of her neck. With its blunt edges, this short hairstyle is not far from being the definition of sleek and clean! Plus, this hairstyle works wonders in framing heart-shaped faced sisters as it balances out both the chin and cheeks! 

Miryo – Ombre Bob


Ombre hair will never go out of style and Miryo’s short do is a testament to that! The Brown Eyed Girls singer can be seen sporting a classic blunt bob hairstyle that is nothing short of chic. However, it is safe to say that her dip-dyed blonde ends were what stole the show! With its seamless gradation colours, the ombre bob adds a little spunk to this clean look for an edgier vibe.

Go Joon Hee – Tousled Pixie Cut


There is something about super-short hair that screams sexiness and Korean actress Go Joon Hee is proof of that! A major change from her long locks, it came as a surprise that the ‘She Was Pretty’ star took the plunge to crop her hair extra short.  With that said, she is definitely bringing back the pixie cut trend in full force!

Unlike the usual cropped pixie cut, this hairstyle creates a tousled, bedhead-like look that is effortlessly chic! If you are looking to achieve the complete Korean style, complement your pixie cut with some see-through bangs! 

TWICE Sana – Blunt Lob


A perfect combination of a shag hairstyle and a classic lob, this blunt lob takes on the coveted lob with an elegant twist!

Perfect for those who cannot bear to go short just yet, TWICE’s Sana demonstrates how charming and sleek the blunt lob can be! What’s more, this short hair trend does not trade its straight tresses for flatness! As this hairstyle still subtle and bouncy curls, you can get the best of both worlds on your crowning glory!

Park Shin Hye – Girl-Next-Door Bob


As its name suggests, this bob hairstyle is the crop for you if soft, girl-next-door looks are your thing. While this short hairstyle may give off a more mature vibe, it still holds an elegant charm that leaves the wearer with a coquettishly innocent look. Park Shin Hye’s bob is the quintessential example of how dreamy this short hairstyle is!

If you want to emulate the well-loved Korean celebrity, thin out your fringe to create some tousled bangs! Alternatively, you can switch up the innocent look with by parting your hair to one side for something a little more feisty! 

Hyoyeon – Platinum Blonde Bob

Platinum blonde is having its moment. If you are looking to go all-out with your short bob hairstyle, consider bleaching your hair to this dreamy hue of platinum blonde!  Beloved Korean celebrity Hyoyeon chooses to complement this shade of platinum blonde with a sleek, blunt bob that is nothing short of statement-making! Plus, platinum blonde is not just reserved for pale-skinned sister! In fact, anyone can rock this extra light shade! 

Song Hye Kyo – Textured Lob

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Even if extra short hair is not your jam, trimming off an inch or two can still transform your look dramatically! For those who prefer a short hairstyle that meets between effortlessly casual yet chic , the textured lob is the perfect choice for you. This trim’s star feature is its textured waves, which instantly adds a whole lot of volume to the hair. Moreover, this hairstyle stops right at the shoulders. Perfect for people who are not fans of going too short!

For this look, take out a curling iron to create loose curls to your short hair. If you do not have a curling iron on hand, you can also use a straightening iron. All you have to do is to use the iron to create dents into your hair as you move down the shaft of your hair! If you need a DIY hair tutorial, Pia Muehlenbeck has got this nifty tutorial to get your textured lob in order!

Kim Yoo Jung – Layered Bob

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If you have been eyeing a short hairstyle that roughs things up, enter the layered bob! This short hairstyle features short and long layers of hair to add definition and volume to your hair! Even the innocent and adorable Kim Yoo Jung proves that the layered bob can instantly spice up your look!

For those cool-girl vibes, tuck your hair behind your ear to accentuate this androgynous hairstyle! As a bonus, you can also opt for some blunt bangs to add an edgy vibe to your look!