Korean Weight Loss Diet: The Complete Guide And Tips From Celebrities

By: Balqis Ariffin / May 3, 2021
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Have you ever wondered how Korean celebrities attain and maintain their slim and slender physique? We do too. It is undeniable that most of us look up to their tips, especially their diet plan. However, it must be known that there is no exact way that our physical appearance should look like. Plus, we should embrace ourselves. Whether you want to shed some fats or even live healthily, keep reading because Beauty Insider has listed everything that you need to know about the Korean weight loss diet and 10 tips from celebrities.

What is the Korean Weight Loss Diet?

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Korean weight loss diet primarily consists of consuming food that is inspired by traditional Korean cuisine. Therefore, this diet plan avoids or reduces the intake of processed, high sugar, and fat foods. Besides, the Korean weight loss diet usually is accompanied by rigorous K-pop exercises to further enhance the effectiveness. Although its main purpose is to shed some belly fats, this diet plan helps you to attain clearer skin and beneficial to overall health.

How to follow the Korean Weight Loss Diet?

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Similar to any diet and workout program, when it comes to following the plan it is all about abiding by the rules. Hence, it is no exception for the Korean weight loss diet. Below, we have listed the foods that you are encouraged to eat and avoid based on the diet plan.

The foods to eat

  • All sorts of fruits and vegetables
  • Rice including rice noodles
  • You can opt for wheat-free grains such as potato starch, mung bean, and tapioca starch as a substitute for rice
  • If you’re vegan, replace meat with king oyster mushrooms, shiitake, and tofu
  • Include foods that are rich in protein like fish, seafood, meat, and eggs

The foods to avoid

Apart from no snacking in between the meals, the Korean weight loss diet discourages you to consume these types of foods.

  • Processed foods and drinks that contain high sugar
  • Fatty foods
  • Dairy-based
  • Foods that contain wheat flours

The golden rules

If you want to give the Korean weight loss diet plan a try, remember to follow the guidelines of the foods that you need to eat and combines them with the golden rules.

  • Unlike other diet plans, the Korean weight loss diet does not encourage snacking
  • Reduce intake of sugary foods and drinks
  • You need to eat foods that contain few calories and the rule of thumb is to opt for Korean foods like soups, vegetables, and foods that feature few calories
  • Include foods that contain less fat and avoid oils, seasonings, and sauces
  • Do a K-pop exercise on a daily basis and you can even opt for the dance workouts of your favorite K-pop group

The Pros and Cons of the Korean Weight Loss Diet?

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The pros of the Korean Weight Loss Diet

  • Minimizes acne and reduce skin problems by cutting down on dairy foods
  • Improve health conditions particularly cholesterol, obesity, blood pressure, sugar level, and gut as the Korean weight loss diet includes an array of fruit, vegetables, and kimchi which is prominently known as the top source of probiotics
  • Sustainable in the long term as there aren’t any strict guidelines on portion size and there are a wide range of Korean foods that you can choose from

The cons of of the Korean Weight Loss Diet

  • Despite its flexibility, the diet plant is vague and lacking in terms of guidelines. Specifically on how to ensure that you obtain a balanced meal in order to meet the daily nutrient needs
  • Guidelines that are not backed up by science
  • It promotes the goal to attain a body like the favorite K-pop celebrities, which can eventually lead to eating disorders

Korean Celebrities Weight Loss Tips

We know that most of us usually look up to Korean celebrities and their gorgeous physical appearance, including following their tips and tricks. If you’re thinking of trying out these weight loss tips, it is recommended that you consult with your dietician and physician beforehand.

1.Park Min Young

Park Min Young is known for her slim physique and the actress undergone a strict diet for her role in the Healer as an entertainment journalist. In order to attain her goal, Park Min Young chooses a diet plant that revolves around eating apples and water for the course of three days. On top of that, she also dances as a form of exercise and to sheds some fats. However, her diet is not for a long-term plan and it does not ensure that the body receives the essential nutrients that it needs.

2. Ha Ji Won

The nation’s beloved actress, Ha Ji Won incorporates weight lifting as her workout routine. Although it may seem unusual for women, it seems that when it is combined with cardio exercises, the routine helps to build lean muscles and a healthy-looking physique. Furthermore, the actress who is known for her leading role in The Secret Garden has famously made headline thanks to her beauty tips of eating three lemons per day in order to attain youthful skin.

3.Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy, a former Miss A member is not only admired for her stunning visual but her slim and slender body is envied by women. During her role in Uncontrollably Fond, Suzy opt for the “Time Limit” diet to lose her weight, in which the diet plan forbids any meals after 6 pm. Her breakfast usually consists of a slide of chicken breast and a sweet potato. Meanhwile for lunch, she has a salad and brown rice.

4. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation is famously known for their 1,500 kcal meal plan that comprises chicken breast, brown rice, herbs, and broccoli. An average woman needs about 2,000 kcal, of daily calories, and in order to lose a pound, it is estimated that your daily meals need to about around 1,500 kcal. Regardless of the effectiveness or not, it is imperative that you take into account your daily activity and metabolism level as well.

5.Jeon Ji Hyun

Jeon Ji Hyun, is a starlet known from her leading role in countless K-dramas an movies, including My Love From Another Star. Jeon Ji Hyun does not follow regular diet plans and she ensures that she maintain her physical appearance by exercising daily at 6 am. Through this discipline, it allows her to eat healthily without the need to skipping her meals.

6.Nine Muses

You might have heard about the “paper cup diet” popularized by the girl group, Nine Muses. As the name suggests, the diet plan involves filling the paper cup with the food of your choice namely brown rice, fruits, and vegetables. However, make sure that the foods are prepared with low salt and fat. Since this diet plan tip was making headlines all over the internet, more people have tried it.

7. Kang So Ra

If you’re a foodie, giving up on your favorite food can be quite hard and it not surprised that Kang So Ra decided to indulge anything that she desires to eat but with a small portion and servings. On top of that, ballet has also helped her to attain lean muscle and slender body.


With their gorgeous proportionate body, SECRET opts for a diet plan that contains low carbohydrate and high in protein, in which they particularly substitute rice with sweet potatoes. In addition, this girl group also ensures that they eat healthily by including vegetables in their meal. During the promotion, most girl groups usually have a strict diet plan and workout that most of us find unbearable.

9. Moon Chae Won

Have you ever wondered how Moon Chae Won attain her model-like physique? Well, the secret is drinking water! She stated that before her mealtime, she ensures that she drinks plenty of water to avoid any impulsive eating habit. Furthermore, since she started to drink more fluid, it has also helped her to obtain a more radiant complexion. Water, anyone?

10. Nicole Jung

Nicole Jung followed the “Denmark diet” which is claimed to used at the Royal Danish Hospital. The duration of the diet plan is about 14 days and the meal consists of steamed meat and boiled eggs that are seasoned with only lemon and vinegar. Plus, this high protein diet plan also include frequent exercise to maximize the effectiveness.