All You Need To Know About Xeomin® – The Latest Best Face Serum in the Market!

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The latest botulinum toxin approved for aesthetic use in Singapore may just give Botox a run for its money.

XEOMIN® is said to have the lowest foreign protein content of the available botulinum neurotoxin preparations, leaving only the purified neurotoxin as the active ingredient. “In order to develop XEOMIN®, an innovative manufacturing and purification process was used to separate the complexing proteins from the pure neurotoxin, to generate a stable form of the purified neurotoxin,” explained XEOMIN® creator and Head of Botulinum Toxin Research at Merz Pharmaceuticals GmBH, Germany, Dr Jurgen Frevert.

XEOMIN® was also examined for safety and effectiveness in adults and has shown similar high clinical efficacy in glabellar frown lines as compared to on a botulinum toxin A and is the first botulinum toxin which provides clinical efficacy data based on the stricter new US FDA criteria. Results from the first long-term repeat dosing study of XEOMIN® showed most patients experienced early onset of treatment effect and sustained efficacy. Stability studies also showed that XEOMIN® is the only botulinum neurotoxin that can be stored unopened below 25 degrees celcius.

XEOMIN® is the third botulinum neurotoxin to be approved in Singapore as an aesthetic medicine for the treatment of the glabellar frown lines. It is approved in more than 20 countries globally including the United States of America for this indication.

Dr Wong Chin Ho, consultant plastic surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centres tells us more:

1. What is the difference between XEOMIN®, BOTOX® and Dysport?

XEOMIN®, BOTOX® and Dysport are all safe and effective to re­lax facial mimetic muscles and to treat fine wrinkles.

2. How has your personal experience been with XEOMIN®?

I found XEOMIN® to be safe and effective in treating dynamic wrinkles and in relaxing strain and spasm of facial mimetic muscles. In its efficacy and duration of action, it is as good as BOTOX® based on my experience and data.

3. Besides wrinkles, what else can XEOMIN® be used for?

It may be used for treatment of excessive sweating (Hyperhydrosis) of the armpits, acne scars, surgical scars and enlarged muscles (like the masseter or calves).

4. What results can be expected?

Results in terms of elimination of wrinkles can be seen four days after the treatment and lasts about four to five months.

5. Is it safe and are there side effects?

It is very safe with minimal side effects.

Global Acceptance

XEOMIN® is approved in more than 20 countries globally including the United States of America for this indication.