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All The Latest Makeup Tips And Tricks You Haven’t Heard

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The internet has a wide range of choices you can source out from if you’re looking for the newest, sometimes weirdest makeup tricks for beginners. The more bizarre the trick, the more we think it is practically available and surprisingly easy. We have rounded up a few basic makeup tips and tricks on that we think you haven’t heard yet which actually work. The hunt never actually ends but we’ve got you covered.

Long-stay blush

Blush Extraordinaire

Blush has a huge tendency to not last long. To make your cream blush last for hours, apply the blush using your finger while the liquid foundation is still about to dry. Liquid foundation creates a dewier surface for your blush to blend into, making it look more natural and allowing your cheeks to retain the color better. Layer a cream or gel blush underneath a powder blush is an easy way to get a more customized shade that suits your skin perfectly and adds to the staying power of your glow. Blend the blush with a foundation brush, then finish with a translucent powder to absorb any excess oil.

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Broken Compact

Finally an answer to everyone’s dilemma. Nothing’s worse than dropping a makeup compact and having the powder shatter. To fix a broken compact, gather all of the shattered particles of powder into its original container, and crush the whole thing up, pour a bit of rubbing alcohol and let it soak into the powder, then stir the powder to mix with the liquid. You can use your finger, the back of a spoon to press, rub and smooth down the makeup. Once it has a nice consistency, settle the compact on a flat surface and let dry for about 24 hours.

DIY Makeup Remover

makeup tips for beginners, basic makeup tips and tricks

Ran out of makeup remover? By using a few drops of olive oil can not only just function as a makeup remover, but it can also instantly moisturize your skin. Just be careful not to get the olive oil in your eye if you’re using it to take off mascara or other eye makeup. Use a tissue to wipe the oil off once you’re done.

Dark Circles

makeup tips for beginners, basic makeup tips and tricks

Another trick to cover the dark circles under your eyes is to add a pinch of orange pigment to your concealer. Typically, concealer can be chalky or white, but underneath your eyes, orange can work well to counteract the blue or purple undertones that cause dark circles.

Beer for Hair Loss

makeup tips for beginners, basic makeup tips and tricks

When your parents catch you sneaking in a beer out of a fridge, don’t let them freak out. Tell them you’re not drinking it, your hair will. It has an amazing way to repair split ends and get instant shine. When you soak, rinse, or spritz your hair with beer, its natural ingredients coat each strand and gives your hair nourishing benefits. In addition to B vitamins, the proteins found in malt and hops are said to repair damaged hair and boost overall body and volume.

Tea bags for dry lips

makeup tips for beginners, basic makeup tips and tricks

If you are dealing with dry, peeling lips, especially in winter, here is one effective tip for you. Hold a dampened green tea bag on your lips for about five minutes to instantly repair even the toughest chapped pout. Start using a bag of green tea to solve this problem to maintain a beautiful smile on your face.