Lee Sung Kyung Beauty TIps

Lee Sung Kyung’s Beauty Tips Will Leave You Looking Radiant and Dewy Like Her

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The new face of the famous luxurious K-beauty brand Laneige exudes sophisticated beauty with her immaculate-like complexion coveted by many women around the world.

Korean actress and model Lee Sung Kyung is nothing short of a Korean beauty goddess.

To look your best like her, we’re sharing to you Lee Sung Kyung Beauty tips right here!

Be thorough about skincare

Sung Kyung is a firm believer of skincare. “I’m quite a stickler for cleansing and applying skincare in the ‘right’ steps, especially when time is not an issue for me.”

Lee Sung skincare routine happens to involve 8 steps of skin prep. Sung Kyung shares “I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to discover for yourself what works for your skin. You may find that you may require fewer or more steps than me.”

For Sung Kyung, sun protection is a must. It is an absolute non-negotiable. “A good sunscreen is absolutely essential, and I don’t leave the house without it, even on my days off.” she added.

Just by the looks of her skin, it is only practical to believe that sunscreen shouldn’t be neglected.

Apply sunscreen generously on your face, neck and upper chest, especially during days when the sun’s heat is at its peak.

Be mindful how your apply products on your face

 “I use gentle tapping motions after each step as I find that this really contributes to the contouring of my face.” Sung Kyung says.

The way you apply products on to your face contributes to the way your skin grows and moves on a daily basis.

To achieve the most coveted V-shaped face like Lee Sung Kyung naturally, apply products in a massage-like manner to help de-puff any inflammations and detoxify your skin.

The classic kneading upwards style of product application never fails. To help detoxify skin effectively, apply controlled pressure on to the right pressure points of your face like the corners of your eyes, and side temples and side of your jaws.

Choose a type of foundation that is almost like the skin, only better

“One universal bit of advice I’ve been given by the many makeup artists I’ve worked with is to apply your base makeup in as thin a layer as possible for a natural look,” Sung Kyung says. “Stick to hydrating formulas to prevent your makeup from caking, and blend well to avoid looking as if you’re wearing a mask.”

Be all about that base. Your look is 90% foundation so make sure to not overdo it. Looking cake-y is a big no no.

Go for foundation that offers sheer to medium coverage only. This way, you can cover any blemishes on sight, but also achieve a more natural look.

A great trick to make your foundation as natural as possible is after you’re done applying your foundation, pat a dry tissue on to the face.

Doing so will remove any excess foundation from your face and will reveal more of your glowing skin thereafter.

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