In a modern world filled with modern technology, sometimes it still awes us how a simple knowledge in makeup can fully transform someone’s look into a whole different person. Especially in a world where makeup is considered one of the most ‘’underrated’’ skills in art and creative businesses. That is why we always tip our hats off to the makeup department in the movie industries. 

Hey, remember the White Walkers from the Game of Thrones series? How did they manage to spend hours in the makeup trailer in order to transform a normal man into a blue-iced zombie king? Or how they restored Samuel L Jackson’s youth back into the screen despite the fact that he is obviously a 72-years-old man in Captain Marvel? Whether it’s a straight up makeup or there’s a little bit of CGI effect, we can’t help but to agree that makeup plays a huge role in producing a good movie—delivering context and serves as part of a character’s backstory. 

And the next jaw dropping makeup transformation? Lily James as Pamela Anderson! Lily, alongside Marvel’s Sebastian Stan, has been casted as 90’s infamous on and off couple Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee—to play as themselves—in the movie titled ‘’Pam & Tommy’’. Though, there’s a very minimum amount of information we’ve gotten about the movie, the casts’ transformation on the other hand, has left us speechless. Beauty Insider brings all the scoop about Lily James’ totally jaw-dropping, mind-blowing transformation as the blonde bombshell, Pamela Anderson.

The First Glimpse

Oh my god, okay, we’re holding our breath. Lily James first shared a glimpse of her playing the blonde bombshell on May 8th. She posted a photo of her in a full matching leather skin-tight outfit—like the one Pamela always wore—and smokey, thick eyeliner, make-up look and of course the blonde wig. She captioned the post, ‘’It’s great to be blonde. With low expectations it’s very easy to surprise people.’’ And it seriously scares people away on how point does the actress look. She really presented herself as Pamela’s second coming. And from there, fans begin to applaud the makeup department for delivering such a phenomenal job. 

From there, paparazzi started to buzz around the production place to find out more about Lily’s transformation—and boy, they did not disappoint. Here, we gather some of the best candid looks taken from the shooting site. Honestly, if we’re still living in the 90’s era, we would believe that Pamela has her own twins. 

(Source: Google Images)

The Gifts That Keeps On Giving

And with a lot of news buzzing around social media about how Lily James totally nailed Pamela Anderson’s sultry look, she took this opportunity to post more of the behind the scenes photos. Basically feeding us fans who really can’t get enough of her playing the Baywatch star. In one of the many iconic photos, there’s one where she poses with her fellow co-star Sebastian Stan—who plays Pamela’s then husband, Mötley Crüe’s drummer, Tommy Lee—and again, the resemblances of both stars are uncanny. The two recreated the former couple’s famous nip-biting photo. See below: 

(Source: Lily James)

And not long after, Lily began actively posting and sharing more of her, unleashing her inner Pamela’s self. Including one where she posed on what appears to be a photoshoot. In the post, she thanked the makeup department, leaving a pink heart-drawing on the front. We can clearly see her makeup holler 90’s beauty glam. Next, another Instagram story where she wore a glittery disco dress and her blonde wig has been put up on a messy updo. Honestly, at this point we’re convinced that they could somewhat have printed Pamela Anderson’s, pasted it on Lily James and just called it a day.  See below: 

(Source: Lily James)

The ‘’Pam & Tommy’’ Movie

Though, we only know a few facts about this movie. We truly can’t wait. As reported by ELLE magazine, Lily James spent at least 5 hours per day completing the transformations. Can you imagine that many hours sitting on a chair? My butt muscles could never. The lineups for this movie are also pretty impressive. Lily and Sebastian will be joined by Hollywood’s A-listers Nick Offerman, Seth Rogen and Taylor Schilling. 

And according to the beauty department, everyone, yes everyone is required to wear a wig. Barry Lee Moe, who’s in charge of hair and makeup, said they ended up using a total of 25 different wigs—just to align with the character’s appearance.

(Source: Lily James)

And while the exact dates and trailer are yet to be determined, the upcoming Hulu’s movie is based on the couple’s real story where Pamela and Tommy were married 96 hours upon their first meeting, in 1995. During their Honeymoon, a former adult star, Rand Gauthier, somewhat stole their explicit love-making videos and tried to sell them in order to gain profit. It was a pretty scandalous event around 1995-1996, though. And with a pretty solid lineup, we are pretty sure all of them will deliver each character perfectly. Especially Lily James! 

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