In my long list of Things-To-Cram-Every-Morning, hair shouldn’t be one of them. I’d rather hit the snooze button than the blow-dryer switch! That’s why these low-maintenance hair tips are an absolute lifesaver! Try them whenever you’re running late or just prefer a fast but flawless haircare routine.

Use a multi-purpose shampoo

A good shampoo can take care of several hair concerns at the same time, so you don’t have to use additional products to control frizz, dandruff, or flyaways.

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We recommend: Clynn By Nature’s MY Haircare Hair Shampoo. It’s balanced formula prevents hair loss and thinning hair, greasy scalp, itchy scalp, and even frizz and dandruff!

Since it removes buildup, this shampoo can also help keep your hair light, bouncy, and full of volume.

It’s gentle enough for daily use, and is suitable for all hair types. It can even be used on coloured hair — it won’t fade the dyes, or dry out your hair.

And don’t worry if you only have time for a quick shower: it rinses off quickly and doesn’t leave any heavy residue.

Get a layered haircut

Celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend suggests this wash-and-wear style: “Long layers that fall between the jawline and the shoulder blades give you the most versatility.”

He says that this hairstyle actually looks better when it’s air-dried. And, unlike blunt bobs or pixie cuts, you don’t need to get as many trims. You can even wait about three to four months until you return to the salon, and it won’t look scraggly or overgrown.

Looking for a shorter hair style? Check out our article on low maintenance hair cuts of celebrities.

hairstyling hack

 Style your hair while you sleep

Wake up with gorgeous hair! Check out our article on how to style your hair in your sleep. All you need to do is braid your hair or twist it into the bun, and you wake up with Instagram-worthy waves.

While this low-maintenance hair hack works best on damp hair, you can also do this on dry hair, just spritz it with a sea salt spray.

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Use hair serum instead of styling products

If you don’t want to shampoo your hair every day, then avoid using a lot of styling products. Hair gels and waxes will attract dust and dirt, so your hair needs to be washed more often. If you need to keep hair in place, try applying a smoothing serum from the middle of your hair to the tips. Avoid putting it on your scalp, since you’ll lose volume.

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Use dry shampoo (but don’t forget this step)

A dry shampoo can help soak up the grease between shampoos. However, never use dry shampoo more than three days in a row. The powder can clog up your hair follicles, and slow down hair growth.  It can also make your hair dry, which can make your hair become rough, dull and frizzy.

That’s why hair experts say that you need to use a hair serum or hair mask if you frequently use dry shampoos. Apply it twice a week, after washing your hair, and massage into the scalp and from root to tip.

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