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Fancy A Lunchtime Facial? This Facial Is The Quick-Fix You Need

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Many of us dream about the “ideal” office lunchtime — the lunch break equivalent of relaxation, tranquillity and maybe even a facial? Well, it exists — and we’ve got the inside scoop on a beauty salon in Singapore that’ll inspire some serious lunchtime envy. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of best and most holistic way to soften the tension of work during lunch or booking a facial between client calls, read on because your lunchtime facial fantasy is real — and better than you could have imagined.

It’s our job to be in-the-know about where exactly to go and what exactly to get done. If you’re looking for a lunchtime facial, look no further than Bejeweled. This pretty spot flaunts a long list of treatments for your face and body with a bevy of add-ons. We’re highlighting their Power Lunch MesoRF Facial treatment!

What is the Power Lunch MesoRF Facial Treatment?

For the busy executives out there who do not have the time for a full facial treatment, Power Lunch MesoRF Facial Treatment is the ideal substitution. The 45-minute session targets the face and eye contour area. It also comes with a relaxing facial massage and a hydrating mask! So you’ll leave — after an hour of relaxation — looking completely refreshed. With nail services and eyelash extensions also on the menu, this location is truly a one-stop shop.

How does it work?

Suitable for all skin types, this treatment defines V-shape contouring, refines pores and tightens skin. Specifically for fine lines on the neck and eye area, MesoRF treatment deeply reduces such appearance.

3-in-1 technology used:

  • High-Frequency Vibration: To accelerate blood circulation and metabolism
  • Red Light Care: A 630 nm red light with strong penetration, to penetrate into skin tissue, repair cells, and activate biological macromolecule activity
  • Radio Frequency: Deep skin heating stimulates collagen regeneration, restore skin elasticity, and to achieve a long-term purpose of reducing skin wrinkles

What results can I expect?

After this relaxing facial massage and hydrating mask, this treatment will leave your skin looking youthful, radiant and hydrated. The Neck area also becomes brighter with fine lines very much reduced.

With our hectic schedules and work relationship with our technological devices, it can be difficult to live a more balanced life that allows you to detox. Many of us don’t have the luxury of clocking in and out from answering work calls and emails. Constantly checking-in hinders your daily life, and relaxation thereof. Luckily, your lunch break could serve as the detox we desperately need all thanks to Bejeweled’s Power Lunch MesoRF Facial Treatment!

For more information and to book a visit, click here.

Address: 10 Anson Road, #02-48, Singapore 079903

Contact: 6222 2526

Sinead Lee

Photo credit: @Bejeweled48, Unsplash