Your boring bathroom shelf is sure to be all festive with Bifesta’s newest Micellar Cleansing Lotion! Marking a first in the industry, this new formulation uses fatty acid polyglyceryl as a cleansing ingredient. They are proven to be safe for all skin types and so much gentler on the eyes compared to other and usual […]

Of course Beauty Insider has the scoop on the top makeup brands and the best Great Singapore Sale promos. From 70% off at Sephora to 30% off at Laneige, you can channel your different beauty personalities through the different sales of your favorite brands. Get ready to go on an online shopping spree after reading […]

Tired of the same old lipsticks from your collection? Try these new releases that are sure to make it on to the list of best lipsticks. These lip moisturizers give both color and hydration, and will last long. Whether it is a nude for a special occasion, a pink for your Saturday brunch with the […]

What is the perfect brow shape? Is it bold and angular? Or soft and straight? The answer depends on the look you are going for. But it can also depend on your natural face shape. Below are four of the best eyebrow kits you can shop for depending on your face and brow shape! Angular […]

There are so many things to love about matte lipsticks. Generally, they don’t easily budge. The color is usually bold and highly pigmented. The impact of matte lipsticks is undeniably powerful, but it’s not typically the most comfortable thing to wear on the lips for hours at a time. Naturally, matte lipsticks and matte lip […]

All over Asia, media outlets are wondering the same thing. How is it that Sandara Park, better known as Dara of the defunct girl band 2NE1 still looks as fresh as she did when she broke out into the K-Pop scene? Yes, in case you are computing, Dara is now in her 30s. Like most […]

Buying eyeliners that smudge or run is never fun. No one wants to look like they were crying when it was just a case of oily eyelids or a very hot day. With Singapore’s notoriously humid weather, it is important to find an eyeliner that can stand up to it. Whether you are just a […]

By now, everyone should have already watched the most talked about Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex surprised fans with her minimalist boat-neck gown but Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup was ad predicted: radiant skin, understated, and simple. Bridal makeup is sure getting a makeover! She enlisted her friend […]

Bioré is known to be the best-selling makeup remover in Japan. In fact, because of its amazing makeup removal powers, its fame has gone across the globe. In Singapore alone, Bioré has proven to be one of the leading makeup-removing brands preferred by many. You can easily get your hands on Bioré products because they […]

Sometimes, the best buys are not always talked about on the Internet. These bestsellers from Sephora Singapore have been favorites for many years. But they are not always featured in articles. Whether or not they are often reviewed online or are posted on social media, these four buys—all under $30 each—should be in your kits. […]

There is no bride who doesn’t want to look perfect on the biggest day of her life- her wedding. And while looks may be one of the many other things a bride can stress over about her wedding, it doesn’t really have to be. Weddings usually involve long ceremonies, and it is only normal for […]

Who doesn’t love K-Pop Superstar Lee Sung Kyung? Apart from her charming acting, modeling, singing and dancing skills, she’s young, she’s now and her skin’s on point. Being the face of the world-renowned skincare brand, Laneige, Lee Sung Kyung really does have a minted face of a k-beauty goddess. And not only that, she only […]

Don’t you think now is the golden age of beauty? It has never been this easy to discover, discuss and purchase products! This golden time for the beauty industry didn’t come to this without backlash, though. There are still others who think that dedicating time and money to beauty and self-care is a sign of […]

Aside from the release of her new collection in Maybelline, famous Victoria Secret Angel, Gigi Hadid also shared some of the makeup secrets she swears by and you’ll know that Gigi isn’t a girl that’s afraid to experiment with her makeup. Obviously, Gigi has a lot of beautiful features to choose from, but she revealed […]

Who would not know Song Hye Kyo? This girl is probably the biggest Kpop star there has ever been. She starred is numerous successful k-drama series and movies, it’s hard to miss a talent like this! Apart from her great acting talents, she also has what they call the “midas touch” because every product endorsement […]

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