Ah, the power of makeup- there is always a sparkle of something absolutely magical to it. Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen amazing transformation whether it’s a stranger’s TikTok you scrolled on or even your own before and after shots. It never fails to make everyone impressed but it’s not magic. Therefore, today, Beauty Insider is introducing Makeup Doyennes, who takes makeovers and bibbidi-bobbidi-boo a little spice to it!

Once Upon A Time: Makeup Doyennes

Established in our sunny Singapore, Makeup Doyennes is an elite team of makeup artists (fairy godmothers) that are fully equipped with advanced skills, masters of the art. The team provides exquisite makeup and styling services catered to you for any occasion; from a company event or even if you’re readying for the red carpet at 7.

Additionally, with experience and intricate skills at the tips of their fingers, they create magic with makeup. Their focuses are:



Their goal is to transform you by bringing your inner beauty to life through the power of makeup. Makeup has endless possibilities to what it can bring and the team at Makeup Doyennes’ only focus is to make sure you look your absolute best!



Our faces are all different therefore, they believe that the looks they create are tailored and customized to suit one’s features. They have the skill to study your face and alter their methods to fit your suitability. Now that’s what we call a premium-class service!



At Makeup Doyennes, they value the quality of not just their service but also the products and tools. With that, they are dedicated to using only the best because you are trusting them with your face and event. So, sit back, relax and leave it to the professionals.

Having Fun


What’s better than having a professional makeup artist do your hair and makeup? Being able to bond and fit in giggles throughout the sessions with them! At Makeup Doyennes, they are a group who believe that having fun with clients and teammates is part of the job!

The Services They Offer




Dinner & Dance



Why Should You Hire Professional Makeup Artists?

You Will Be Guaranteed To Look Drop, Dead, Gorgeous

When you put yourself in the hands of a professional makeup artist, trust us, the results will always look absolutely amazing. They are trained to know the focus points of your face to make you photo-ready at any angle. You want your event to be memorable and they’ll make sure you look astonishing in every single shot!

It’s Hassle-free!

Imagine it, it’s your wedding day. It’s not just fun and games where you doll up, get married and happily ever after. There are so many things that contribute to your wedding day and there just seems to not be enough time! That’s where you’ll be glad to have a professional makeup artist on hand. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let the magic happen!

Saves You Plenty Of Time!

What do we think is the best part of hiring a professional makeup artist? It’s the time you’re saving! When it comes to big events and fast-paced environments where everyone is chasing time- you’ll be thankful to even have a moment to breathe!

Makeup artists know what they are doing. They have a game plan with a tunnel vision goal to make you look amazing. With the skills they hone and sharpen, they’ll have you in and out of the hot seat in no time! Now that’s a big plus in our books!

Learn More About Makeup Doyennes

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