Concealer Hacks from Singapore’s Top Makeup Pros

If you have dark circles, your first instinct may be to hide them under thick layers of concealer. However, this tends to cake and crease, making your eye area look very dry — and very old! You may also notice that your concealer doesn’t exactly hide dark circles, but just makes them look grey. Definitely not the eye look you were aiming for!

So how do you hide the deepest, darkest circles without making a cakey mess? The makeup masters at Cosmoprof Academy, Singapore’s leading makeup school, share the secret.

1. Always moisturise the eye area

The skin around the eyes is very thin, delicate and usually dryer than the rest of the face. To avoid product from caking in fine lines, moisturise with eye cream (blot off excess with tissue so the concealer doesn’t slide off). Also remember that the more products you pile on, the more likely they’ll start to cake, so always apply in thin layers with your fingers or a damp sponge.

2. Use a colour corrector

Orange colour correctors can neutralise the blue or grey cast of dark circles. If you have very pale or fair skin, look for a light to medium peach. If you have medium to dark skin, look for a deeper peach or salmon. Apply before concealer on your darkest areas (bow your head to see where the shadows appear).


3. Pick the right concealer

Go one or two shades lighter than your foundation shade. Concealers with yellow undertones can further neutralise the blue or grey cast. Creamy formulas are ideal for the dry, delicate eye area. If you have fine lines, look for sheerer, light-reflecting formula which can brighten up your face without settling into the crevices.

4. Apply concealer in a V-shape

Instead of applying just underneath the eyes, extend it to just above your cheekbones in an upside down triangle or V-shape. This hide circles and highlights. Don’t forget to apply concealer in the inner corners of your eyes, too!

5. Set concealer with powder

You can use pressed powder, but if you have fine lines or a tendency to crease, use lightweight loose translucent powders. Yellow powders can also further counteract any remaining bluish or purplish tones. It’s best to use a brush or if you have a makeup sponge, to gently pat the area (not swipe!) so you don’t end up moving the concealer around.


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