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Makeup Tips For A Round Face that Celebs Love To Use

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So many beautiful women have a round face: Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore. Their makeup balances their features and makes their face look slimmer and longer. Try their makeup tips for round face shapes!  

Beyonce’s Makeup Tip for A Round Face: Beyonce is #browgoals! The dramatic arch doesn’t just add length, it’s packed with attitude. Now all you need is eyeliner and you’re ready to conquer the world. 

Emphasize your brow arch

Never, ever ever shape your brows into a round shape. Instead, get an arched brow. It can lift and lengthen your face, so it looks slimmer.  It’s a total game changer!

If you don’t have a natural arch, consider getting your brows down by a professional. (Check Beauty Insider’s directory of Singapore brow salons.)

Once you’ve got the perfect eyebrow shape, you just need to emphasize them with a brow sculpting pencil or gel. If you have sparse brow, look into eyebrow embroidery. It’s like a brow tattoo, so you wake up with a perfect arch every day.

Highlight your favorite feature

Dramatic eyes or lips can balance your face shape and also add extra oomph to your makeup. You can wear a very vibrant lipstick color (tryone of these five iconic red lipsticks). If you think eyes are your best feature,wear a fun eyeliner or eyeshadow color. And never forget to wear mascara or even false eyelashes. (Don’t worry, falsies aren’t as scary as you thought — checkout these makeup tips that make them easier to apply and remove!)

Selena’s Makeup Tips for a Round Face: Selena Gomez’s bold lipstick and bold brows frame and elongate her face. Even the V-neck of her blouse and the shape of her pendant makes her neck look longer. 

Wear winged eyeliner

The winged eyeliner or cat-eye is especially flattering for people with round faces. It lifts the eyes and balances round cheeks.  

Contour and highlight

A little subtle contouring and highlighting can help bring out your cheekbones and browbones. Just blend really, really well – you don’t want to look like Kim Kardashian or a clown. And for contouring, no one does it better than Adele. 

Makeup tips for bronzer: Suck in your cheeks and add bronzer right below the cheekbone. Apply whatever’s left on the brush on your temples and down the jawline. Pick a matte bronzer for daytime. Glittery bronzer just doesn’t look good in natural light or fluorescent light, and will only draw attention to your cheeks.

Makeup tips for highlighter: Apply highlighting powder along the bridge of your nose, center of your forehead, and the chin. Pick a gold highlighter if you’re tanned or have a yellow undertone, and a pink or white highlighter if you’re fair or have a pink undertone.  

Use the right shade of lipstick

You can wear any lipstick shade you want, but one of celeb  makeup artists’ favorite makeup tips for a round face is to use dark red or glossy/glittery pink lipstick.  They both draw attention to your lips, which gives the illusion of a longer face. (Checkout these new glitter lipsticks!)  

Apply a bright blush

If you have a round face, don’t apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Instead, apply it in teardrop shape, starting at the cheekbone and blending outward toward the temples. Don’t apply it near your nose or go below your cheekbone, which will just make your face look rounder.