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7 Makeup Tips for Women who Wear Glasses

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Beauty confession: one of the reasons we love sunnies is that it’s a really quick way to hide half our faces when we’re not in the mood to wear makeup. But sometimes we want our makeup to shine through our specs. Here are 7 makeup tips that will help.

Go heavy on the eyeliner and the top lid

The thicker your frames are, the more defined and prominent your upper eye makeup should be. You don’t need to do a very dramatic smokey eye – especially if it’s day time – but make your eyeliner a little thicker and set and smudge it out with a dark eyeshadow. Keep the bottom eyes bare (or just go over the bottom rim with brown eyeshadow, instead of eyeliner).

Keep the eyelid “clean”

The glass will emphasize discoloration on the lid. Apply an eyeshadow that’s close to your natural skin tone. A matte finish will give a natural, clean look. A shimmer eyeshadow will make your eyes look bigger (just look for very fine powders and wear softer metallics like light gold, pinkish gold, or copper in the daytime).

Use a thickening or lengthening mascara

You already know this, but we’ll say it anyway for emphasis: mascara makes your eyes POP. When you’re wearing glasses, you’ll want any product that will help your eyes stand out. Since most of us won’t wear falsies every day, splurge on a thickening or lengthening mascara. (We find 5 mascaras that don’t clump!)

Pay extra attention to your dark circles

Unlike sunglasses (which hide everything) your regular glasses can highlight any discoloration under the eyes. Concealer is critical. If you have heavy discoloration, start with a colour corrector. One of our favourite makeup tips from Bobbi Brown: set concealer with yellow powder, which counteracts bluishness. (Shop for concealers, or leave a review on one of your favourites!)

Keep foundation in place

Ever had the problem of makeup smudging off on your frames? Happens to anyone who’s ever worn glasses – the sweat and the rubber can make your makeup move or slide. To avoid this, blot off excess foundation with a damp makeup sponge (gently roll over the bridge of your nose and the tops of your cheeks) and dust a little finishing powder with a fluffy makeup brush.

Groom your eyebrows

Your frames will draw attention to your eyebrows, so make sure to shape them (either on your own or by going to a professional salon – you can find the one nearest you at our sister site, Aesthetics and Beauty).  Fill in sparse brows with a brown powder, and hold them in place with a brow gel. (Budget makeup tips: clear mascara or even hairspray spritzed on your brow brush can work too!)

Try a bold lipstick

Since frames will hide most dramatic eyeshadow looks, emphasize the lip. Try bright reds, hot pinks, and other bright lipstick colors. We’re loving these new Lancome Juicy Shakers!